Firefighters Attacked by Dangerous Wild Beast

Modern Heretic
June 27, 2015

We be far-fatter nao.

We keep carrying the White Man’s Burden, the dead weight of moronic negro savages, lazy and filthy may-hee-can invaders and the jew making sure this highly visible backpack stays firmly between our shoulders. The sacrifices made to these alien outsiders mean nothing, they purchase no goodwill and only make the new demands even more severe. We’re expected to happily struggle under the crushing pathology and then silently die.

In San Diego firefighters were attacked by a 70 I.Q. savage. This is not an uncommon occurrence, despite the best efforts to get these stories into the memory hole. Helping the negro is dangerous. They need to be removed.

This turd attacked the remaining vestiges of civilized society.
This turd attacked the remaining vestiges of civilized society.


Two San Diego firefighters were hospitalized with multiple stab wounds but one of them was expected to go home late Thursday night, a day after a bystander attacked them as they were helping a drunken man on a packed trolley platform.

Whites attempting to prop up the ruins of civilization in a dead nation are attacked. No race mentioned, as per official policy. Go back to sleep. Everything’s fine.

Police and other firefighters rushed to the scene and authorities arrested a suspect. One firefighter was stabbed in the back and both were stabbed more than once, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

If you still aren’t sure if you need to be armed, consider this your final gentle reminder.

Their alleged attacker, Ryan Allen Jones, 34, was being held in county jail without bail and faces charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

A mid-thirties “teen” commits a senseless and horrific crime. Then a little of that resisting arrest, because we know how evil police are. Pull a Jesse Owens, declare your breathing problems, hands up but not actually up, don’t shoot. Somehow it survived this new age lynching. Now the “races” justice system can assign some homework.

“I’ve been around for 35 years and while we’ve had altercations,” Fire Chief Javier Mainar sad at a news conference, “I’ve never seen one that resulted in two firefighters facing a near-death experience.”

A near-negro experience. Go toward the White area, my son. Notice the nonchalant dismissal of “African American” pathology by the la-teen-oh Affirmitive Action placement, the same negro malfunction found anywhere they gather in number. “Eyyyy, we used to beeing spat on and pelteeed with rocks by the evolutionary dead-eeens, I theeeenk. Usually dey ain bee stabbeeen, mang.”

Police were trying to determine a motive.

Yeah, that should be a tough one. Who can explain the complicated thought life of a violent jungle monster with no future orientation or impulse control?


Fire department spokesman Lee Swanson said he did not know if the firefighters exchanged words with the assailant before the attack.

They might have said the “N word” in which case this appalling crime is completely justified.

“My understanding was he just came upon them,” Swanson told the Union-Tribune.

All against all, the coming collapse of the U.S.S.A.