Fire Challenge Results in First Negro Fatality

Modern Heretic
August 4, 2014

The raw material for a healthy democracy.

The negro has an average I.Q. of 85, a full standard deviation lower than Whites. This means fully half of all negroes return scores less than 85, scores that for a White would indicate mental retardation but for the negro merely represent the dregs of an already inferior race. This low intelligence, combined with a culture of violence and promiscuity makes the negro a threat to Whites, to civilization and to itself. On Jewbook those wacky teens are at it again, lighting themselves on fire in an amazing display of idiocy, lack of future orientation and negro pack conformity raised to the level of madness.

Its great to see this catching on.

The News Nerd:

A 15-year-old boy has died after participating in a game that is circulating on the popular social network FaceBook.

Moronic animals performing tribal fire rituals on a jew information gathering site. This is today’s U.S.S.A.

James Shores was burned to death after his entire body was engulfed in flames.

The world loses another future geologist, oceanographer, seismologist and/or rapper.

The #FireChallenge involves covering your body with an accelerant and setting yourself on fire. One’s friends will then video the act and share it on the internet.

When the spiritual sickness and narcissism of our jew-ruined nation combine with a 70 I.Q. mind, this is the end result. Little Barkevious cooks up at the kosher barbeque. Burn baby, burn.

The imbecilic act is supposed to elicit laughter as onlookers and internet viewers watch the reaction from the party who is on fire.

Genetic determinism, illustrated.

“Dat nigga be barnin an sheet. Kee kee kee!”

Shores doused himself with alcohol and was set ablaze by his friends. Those who participate in this “game,” usually do so inside of the shower in case the fire spreads.

This is like a negro version of the Manhattan project. “Make sure dur be dat wadda to put out dis sucka.” In Detroit there might be a problem.

In Shores case, he was not near the shower or any other water source. His friends battled unsuccessfully to put the fire out, and he later died from his injuries.

We let these creatures vote. We hand them jobs they’re dangerously unqualified for. We pretend they’re our equal. This is the dark ignorance of this age, the new flat earth, the folly our descendants in a White nation will have trouble believing.

I guess there must have been no White people around to punch that day.

Police are warning participators about the dangers of this act and have urged the public to stop sharing the videos.

Look for an exciting “Say No to Self-Immolation” campaign, featuring rappers and athletes explaining that it’s “wack” to suffer third degree burns or die to create a “look at that boy burn” video

Police Commissioner James Daniels spoke with News-Two saying, “We are deeply saddened by this tragedy and offer our condolences to the family.

Yeah, it’s a real “tragedy.” Who knows what crimes will never be committed.

It is paramount that the public stop sharing these videos. The people who participate in this so-called “game” do so for the notoriety and short-lived fame they receive on the internet. Taking away this fame could deter others from making the same mistake.”

The mistake was letting this garbage into White nations.