Fire! At the French Train Station: Vibrancy in Action

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 29, 2020

Vibrancy does greatly enrich our democracy.

The problem is that it also results in extreme levels of death and burning.

Thus far, no one has figured out a way to enrich a democracy with vibrancy without it resulting in mass destruction.

Alas, that is the price we must pay.


Police evacuated Paris’s Gare de Lyon station after protesters started a fire to try to disrupt a concert by a Congolese singer.

Political opponents of the DR Congo government set fire to parked scooters, motorcycles and bins and blocked firefighters from tackling the blaze.

They accuse singer Fally Ipupa of being too close to the Congolese government.

Police had earlier banned protests against the concert, citing a “tense political context”.

A large plume of smoke was visible above the station and smoke was also seen inside the Gare de Lyon metro and suburban rail stations.

Victoria Williams from the UK was in the Gare de Lyon at the time.

“There was big thick smoke. People were surging and setting fire to things,” she said. “It just seemed to get very ugly, very quickly. Traffic was gridlocked in every direction, it was pandemonium.

“The protesters were throwing anything they could at the police and fire brigade who were just trying to do their job. They were just setting fire to anything they could and fighting with each other.”

Police described efforts to prevent firefighters from reaching the scene as “scandalous behaviour”.

“Scandalous” is a pretty racist word here, French cops.

Throughout history blacks have been accused of scandalism, and thus scandalousness is in fact an anti-African canard (possibly a trope as well).

What we have to realize is that no one ever taught these African migrants to not burn down a train station and then attack the firefighters who came to try and put the fire out.

Without education, how can we possibly expect them to know that they’re not supposed to burn down train stations?

White people failed these vibrant blacks by not providing them with the education they deserved.

The solution to this is more money for the programs.

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