Finland: NRM to be Banned Over Self-Defense-Related Death of Antifa Scum

Daily Stormer
December 23, 2016

The crooked Finnish state is twisting this to make it like the antifa is the victim here, smdh.

The oppressive Finnish state, which is controlled by ZOG, considers nationalists it’s foremost enemy. They’ve been looking to ban the biggest patriotic organization in Scandinavia, the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), for a while.

After all, the NRM is the biggest threat to this parasitical class of traitors.

The people are on their side.

They haven’t had an excuse to justify it since now.

But, hot on the heels of Britain’s banning of National Action, Finnish ZOG has found a new will to enact the shuttening.


The National Police Board will seek a court order to outlaw a neo-Nazi group called the Finnish Resistance Movement.

The organisation, which describes itself as ‘national socialist’, has been under close scrutiny since last September, when a man died after being assaulted during one of its demonstrations in Helsinki.

One of the extremist group’s founders, 28-year-old Jesse Torniainen, went on trial on Wednesday over that incident.

The “good boy” who got a taste of Nazi kung-fu.

We covered this incident back in September. Basically, some degenerate drug addict with a long criminal record assaulted a nationalist with a deadly weapon (spitting on him with poz-spit), and a comrade kicked the sleazebag in the head to defend him.

A week later, the antifa scum (who had left the hospital and was back home) died of a brain hemorrhage, presumably because he was still taking drugs.

Now, the state is using this incident as some excuse to call the NRM a “violent” group. They have the nerve to say this, while the police is letting antifa beat up restrained nationalists with impunity!

Finnish antifa did this to a nationalist with the Police’s blessing… And we’re the violent ones!

On Thursday National Police Commissioner Seppo Kolehmainen said that early next year authorities will ask a court to ban the group, which he described as “violent and openly racist”.

He says that while the group – now billed as part of the Nordic Resistance Movement – is not officially registered, it is still operates as an ideological association.

Therefore it can be shut down under the Associations Act, which forbids groups from engaging in criminal or improper behaviour, the commissioner argues.

We see the activities of the Nordic Resistance Movement as fundamentally violating the law and proper behaviour, so it is justified to file a lawsuit and bring the matter before a court,” said Kolehmainen.

The activities of a violent and openly racist organisation should not be given a place in Finnish society,” he added.

This is “criminal and improper behavior:”

But this, on the other hand, is totally “proper:”

There’s going to be a lot of cleanup to be done in Finland. And the NRM seem to be the only ones fit for the job. That’s why they must be banned.

All the legitimate, hardcore groups are in a struggle against the state, which sees them as a threat. Of course, they don’t do anything illegal, but by their very nature, they challenge the legitimacy of the Jew-controlled system.

You can cut one head, kikes.

But a thousand will spring up to replace it.

Hail hydra!