Finland GROOMING Spree: First “Migrant” Jailed for Raping Girl Under 10

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2019


Finland: It’s just like everywhere else.

Xenophobic Finland just started jailing culturally-diverse men for being diverse. This is a clear act of white supremacy aimed at intimidating diverse-skinned people into abandoning their culture and identity in favor of Finland’s.

Sputnik News:

The Finnish city of Oulu was in late 2018 swept up by a grooming gang scandal, in which migrants and asylum seekers are suspected of sexually assaulting underage girls.

The first verdict has been handed down in the high-profile grooming gang scandal in the city of Oulu in northern Finland. 44-year-old Tajik immigrant Muso Asoev has been jailed for assaulting an immigrant girl under 10 years old, national broadcaster Yle reported.

Oulu’s district court sentenced the man to unconditional imprisonment for three years and eight months. The crime was classified as aggravated rape and aggravated sexual exploitation of children. The court said that the trust the child placed in the accused played a pivotal role in the verdict. The punishment was tightened as a result of the confidence that the girl had in the perpetrator, who was be responsible for her religious upbringing. The offences were found to have occurred between summer and autumn last year.

The court also ordered the man to pay the victim 9,500 euros ($10,775) for distress arising from the offence and an additional 1,500 euros (1,700) for pain, suffering, and other afflictions. The man had no previous criminal record.

In total, the police are investigating 29 cases, where the suspects include Finnish nationals as well as foreigners, all of whom came to the country as refugees and asylum seekers. The police said that the suspects approached their victims online and speculated that some of the suspects and victims knew each other.

Sex with kids is their culture.

By not accepting the migrant man’s culture and punishing him for expressing his culture’s richness, Finland is literally engaging in cultural colonialism. They want to impose the Finnish culture upon migrants.

It’s no different than Hitler.

It’s surprising they’re allowed to do this in current year.

Less than four years in jail for raping a kid is a bit underwhelming, especially considering that some Finnish jails are pretty comfy.

What’s even more interesting is that they expect the migrant to be able to pay 11,000 euros. What are these child rapists even supposed to do to make money if they can’t prostitute children?

They take a man’s livelihood and expect the man to be able to pay.

That kind of bigoted Finnish attitude can’t be allowed to stand if we ever want to achieve True Progress.

Why are they even taking in “migrants” if they’re going to attempt to change them?

If we take in people, shouldn’t we do that because we want them as they are?

Inviting them in and then attempting to change them is like openly stating that they’re only wanted here so they can be used to feed the economy monster, and that their identity and culture are to be destroyed to turn them into better slaves.

That’s incredibly racist and hateful.

Definitely more racist and hateful than saying “we just don’t want you to come here.”

People need to understand that they can’t cherry-pick the parts of diversity they want from these migrants. They’re a whole diversity package. You either want it or you don’t.

Our governments have already decided they want diversity so it’s time for them to either legalize rape or to change their minds and kick all of these foreign child-rape cultures out.