Finland: Court Bans Nordic Resistance Movement

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2017

A kangaroo court in Finland has banned the patriotic men of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Saying mean words about third world savages who rape and kill people is not allowed in Finland.


A Finnish court banned neo-Nazi group the Nordic Resistance Movement (PVL) on Thursday, saying there was an “urgent social need” to shut down the group which it said spread hate speech and incited violence.

Police had asked that the far-right group, which the Finnish intelligence service says aims to create a national socialist state, be closed down.

“The association offends ethnic groups and spreads hate speech,” the district court in Pirkanmaa, in the country’s southwest, said in its verdict.

”In addition to offending and hateful expressions … the association urges its supporters to use violence and harassment against alleged enemies.

“There is an urgent social need to shut down an association like PVL,” the court said.

So this Finnish court has banned the Nordic Resistance Movement because they say mean things. The court’s claim that they urge violence and harassment is ridiculous. Where’s the proof of this? They are defending their country which has been invaded by third world savages. This invasion has only been made possible by the criminal traitors in their government.

The case being used to ban the NRM was documented by the Daily Stormer late last year. An NRM member was merely defending themselves from an attack by an anti-fascist.

Here’s footage from one of the NRM’s recent events. The Finnish NRM members all seem like normal people who are concerned about the future of their country.

What’s remarkable is how the police specifically asked for the NRM to be shut down. This is another example showing how the police is more concerned about shutting down a nationalist organization than preventing third world savages from raping and killing people. This phenomenon is occurring everywhere in the West.

Banning the NRM via some kangaroo court is only going to increase support for them. Any sane person can see what an injustice this is.