Finally: We Found a Neo-Nazi Terrorist (There’s Just One Problem)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 27, 2016


Indian Neo-Nazi White Supremacists terrorists are moving off the customer service lines and into real world terrorism.

The level of dishonesty of the media is absolutely insane.

Not that it is surprising that Jews lie.

But still. You see something like this, and it’s like “wow just wow I can’t even.”

An Indian man shot up a strip-mall in Houston, and the media is reporting it as Nazi terrorism because he apparently had a Swastika on his jacket (I don’t think he was actually wearing a Nazi uniform, as some media is reporting, but just a swastika armband and maybe some other symbol).

Look at this:

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And it just goes on and on. There are hundreds of articles with the word “Nazi” in the headline.

And get this: on every single one of these articles, I ctrl+f’d “Indian,” and not a single one included this word.

This is despite the fact that all of them were either written after the release of his name or updated to include his name.

Even worse: many of them referenced the statements from his father – whose name is “Prakesh.”

I mean, the suspect had an American first name – Nathan – and maybe people don’t know “Desai” is an Indian surname. Even his picture might be deceiving. He could I suppose be mistaken for Italian or something. So, maybe if that’s all that was going on, you could just chalk this up to complete and utter incompetence.

But when you know his father’s name is “Prakesh” and you continue to play-up the idea he’s a White supremacist – that is just openly, purposefully lying in order to demonize Whites and protect non-Whites.


There is no other way to interpret this.

And every single media outlet is working in tandem to push this agenda.

All of them.

At the same time.

What we have here is totally incontrovertible proof that the entire media is involved in a conspiracy to harm the White race in America.

There is only one question:


jewish question

Eventually, they will come out and quietly say “oh yeah, he was an Indian.” This won’t be added to the Dylann Roof/Anders Breivik list of what happens when White people believe they have a right to exist. But right now, they are milking it for all it’s worth, pushing this “Nazi terrorist” idea in the headlines as much as they possibly can, before they have to just drop the story totally.

Because they understand that people won’t remember the retraction when they finally admit this “Nazi” isn’t even White. Most won’t even hear it, and even if they do, the damage will be done. The brains of the goyim already would have filed the event in their brains as another example of what happens when White people say they have rights.