FINALLY: Trump Names the WHITE MAN! Calls Out Anti-White Hatred and “King Elijah”!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2019

Well, it’s finally happened.

Donald Trump has said the w-word.

In a tweet attacking Al Sharpton, Trump said that the racial hustler “hates whites & cops!”

This feels so great, to finally have this barrier broken down. We can all now say what we are: white people.

And that we are under attack, as a group, by people who are not white people.

Following the Monday morning anti-Sharpton and white defense tweet, Trump continued his attacks on the odious Egyptian king Elijah Cummings, saying that he’s sick of hearing the same stupid excuses as to why blacks can’t run their cities like something other than third world hellholes.

And get this.

This is almost better than saying the word white.

He used the “kangz” meme, calling Cummings “King Elijah”!

This has been my joke since the Elijah Cummings drama started – I was saying he was an Egyptian king.

Here’s the exact quote from me on Sunday:

Elijah Cummings was a king in Africa.

His face looks exactly like the face on the sphinx.

How dare the Orange Cheeto Hitler disgrace his proud legacy?

Elijah Cummings built civilization… before the white man came and stole it.

Think of it…

Donald Trump is using our hilarious memes! 

This comes AFTER Trump hired my ultimate waifu Kathy Zhu, which was also a direct shout-out to the Daily Stormer, given that Neon-Nazis are the only people with a compulsive-obsessive fixation with Asian women and Kathy Zhu specifically.

If this is all an elaborate plan to regain my support then guess what – IT WORKED!

I don’t care if Trump does literally no policy at all!

If he just keeps up these tweets and doesn’t invade Iran, then I am DOUBLEPLUS GOOD.

These tweets are more important than any policy he could possibly enact, because they are changing the culture. And if you change the culture, politics can come later.

Donald Trump, as the leader of White America, is finally giving white people permission to BE WHITE PEOPLE. There is simply nothing more important than that that he could ever do.

What we all need to focus on is using the remaining years of the Trump era to build up support for explicitly pro-white politics. He might not build a wall or deport anyone, but he is enabling the climate for us to organize our people and he is at least not going to arrest us all for being white, as the Democrats are saying they’re going to do.

Thank you, President Trump!

It’s already begun.

A news host from New York posted a tweet about Trump’s tweets – and just look at the replies.

People are saying “what, you got a problem with WHITE PEOPLE???”

And look here – the anti-whites are responding by calling us “white trash” – attacking us AS WHITE PEOPLE. And the people are defending themselves AS WHITE PEOPLE.

The beast has been unleashed.

It cannot go back in the bottle.

They have been Jews, blacks, Moslems, gays, trannies, Mexicans and everything else, while we have been told we do not exist.

Now, because of this great act by PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, we are WHITE PEOPLE!

We are a group like all of these other groups and like all of these other groups we have group interests and now we are going to come together and openly defend these group interests against those who want to deprive us of what is ours.

A new era has just begun.

Get ready, brothers.

We’ve got a lot of work to do.

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