FINALLY: Sloppy Skank is Prosecuted for False Rape Allegation…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2018

This is something that is almost entirely unheard of.

Feminists benefit from false rape claims, so they’re incentivized by the system.

Fox 32 News:

A woman accused of lying that she was raped by two college football players will go on trial this month.

Nikki Yovino, 19, is charged with felony evidence tampering and misdemeanor falsely reporting an incident. She could spend five years in prison if convicted.

Prosecutors said that while a student at Sacred Heart University, Yovino made up the rape to gain sympathy from another student who she wanted to date. Defense attorneys say that police put words in her mouth.

Before you get all “IT’S A NEW ERA” – The apparent reason that this is being prosecuted is that she never had sex at all with the football players. She made up the entire encounter.

If she had just gone to the students and said “hey let’s have sex” and they did (she’s fat but after a few drinks, she probably could have pulled it off), then she called the cops and accused them of rape, then they spend years in the court system and eventually determined that she consented to the sex and then accused them of rape afterward for personal reasons, she could not be prosecuted.

This is due to a “real in my mind” clause that supposedly exists to make it so rape victims are not afraid to report real rapes.

You will recall the case of Mattress Girl, the half-gook Jew who accused a German exchange student of raping her after consentual sex and then carried around a mattress with her for years in order to become a celebrity.

It was determined in a court of law, in large part due to text messages where she was asking the guy for more sex – and begging for it in the ass – and he denied her access to his dick, which is presumably why she accused him of rape.

She was not criminally prosecuted, despite the fact that she was proved to have been lying. And despite the fact that she destroyed this guy’s life for some sick, vindictive personal reasons.

Because for real: the argument is that if you prosecute women who file fake rape charges, it will make other women afraid report rape, and it is better that any woman be able to make it up than for “real rape victims” to feel scared to report.

Basically, All Rape is a Hoax

There are two kinds of legitimate rape:

  1. Grabbing a girl off the street and physically forcing yourself on her, and
  2. Drugging a woman and having sex with her when she’s passed out (AKA “Cosbying”)

Both of those leave physical traces, where you can prove that it happened.

“New rape” AKA “date rape” is not actually rape. If a woman willingly goes to a guy’s room with him – and he doesn’t even beat her up – that cannot ever be “rape.”

NOTE: A part of the reason this is even a thing is to skew the race numbers in rape statistics. Without "new rape" 99+% of rapes would be by nonwhites. Because grabbing a woman off the street and physically forcing yourself on her is just not really something white people do.

It is also a way to just criminalize being a man.

These new rape laws were introduced in the 80s. This concept of “yeah, we went out drinking together and I went home with him and we were in bed together then he just up and raped me” would have been considered absurdist comedy all throughout history.

The social paradigm is: women are never responsible for anything they do, ever. Responsibility must always be transferred from the woman to a man.

Sweden Ups the Ante

Sweden just passed a law that you have to literally ask permission from the woman before sex.

The Independent:

Sweden has passed a new law that rules sex without explicit consent is rape.

The legislation, due to be come into effect on 1 July, requires people to obtain clear verbal or physical consent before sex.

Prosecutors will no longer need to have evidence of violence, threats or the exploitation of a victim’s vulnerability to secure a rape conviction.

How are you supposed to prove there was explicit consent? Video tape it? But then couldn’t she just say “he threatened me before the video tape, forced me to say I consented”?

This is Swedist ultra-feminism, where they are literally saying “if a woman regrets her decision to have sex with you, or has some other personal motive for falsely accusing you, you are still fucked.”

But it’s also what I mentioned above – skewing race on the statistics. Sweden right now has the highest rape rate in the world due to real rape by colored people, and if they mix in “yeah, I just didn’t really feel good when I thought about it the next day…”, then they can report that something less than 100% of rapes are done by brown people.


I don’t even know what to tell young guys.

Sex is a fundamental biological need. So you kinda have to do it.

And the hooker situation in the West, other than Eastern Europe and Amsterdam, is horrible.

So the best I can say is just be careful.

Statistically, the chances of being hit with false rape charges are still very low. I mean, it’s not like the right-wing version of school shootings, where it’s totally and completely blown out of all proportion, but it is still statistically unlikely that this will happen to you personally.

Maybe car accidents are a good analogy. They happen all the time, but most people are not getting in them.

But seriously, man.

Women are fucking disgusting.


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