FINALLY: Intelligence Committee Head Calls Traitor Stephen Colbert “A Danger to the Country”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2018

It’s about gosh-darn time we started considering the media what they are: A THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY.

These people are openly and aggressively involved in a conspiracy to undermine the United States of America. There is no excuse. This is not “free speech,” it is sedition.


Comedian Stephen Colbert is no laughing matter, according to House Intelligence Committee head Devin Nunes, who said his jokes are a “danger.” He accused Democrats of using Hollywood to deflect evidence of their own wrongdoings.

Rep. Nunes (R-California) was the butt of jokes in an episode of the Late Show, which saw Colbert travel to Washington, DC to question congressmen about the alleged Trump-Russia collusion. Colbert handed out copies of a memo which read: “Devin Nunes is a [redacted].”

“This is the danger that we have in this country,” Nunes said when asked about Colbert by Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Saturday. “The left controls not only the universities in this country, but they also control Hollywood in this country, and the mainstream media, so conservatives in this country are under attack, and I think this is a great example of it.”

The California representative went on to dismiss the left’s excitement about the Russia investigation. “On the one hand you’ll see the left and the media running out there saying, ‘oh my gosh, it’s the end of the world, the Russians hacked our democracy, and we have evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.’ However, they can’t show it, they have no proof,” he said.

He then reversed the attack by pinning the “Russia collusion” accusation on the Democrats.  Nunes said that when Republicans present “proof that not only did the Democratic party collude and get information from the Russians, and then an investigation was opened up into the Trump campaign to spy on the Trump campaign,” the left “resort[s] to going to their friends in Hollywood to make fun of people and attack people who are trying to get to the truth.”

“I enjoy the attacks, if they want to continue to attack me, that’s fine,”he added.

Yes, we all enjoy the attacks. Until they kick you off the internet.

But what we need is attacks on them.

We need to round them up and put them in concentration camps.

All of these media people.

If we don’t want to go that far – okay. At the very least, we need to make it so these media people do not have the ability to completely silence the opposition. We need to regulate the tech industry, or nationalize it. We have to allow people to view criticism of the media.

Furthermore, we need investigations. We have already caught the media colluding with the Democrats and the FBI to hoax the population – that is a seditious conspiracy.

We need to see the records of the NYT and WaPo, and see what they were doing planting all of these news stories about the Russian conspiracy.

A secretly-organized plot to undermine an elected government by a complete and total privately-owned and unaccountable elite media establishment working in concert with deep-state government agents is not “free speech.”

We need a subpoena machine gun assault on all of these people.

The Russia collusion conspiracy theory has been proved to be a hoax and someone has to pay for it.