Finally: Glorious Leader Says His Justice Department will Investigate Black Lives Matter as a Terror Group!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2016

Unlike most politicians, who blow their entire loads as soon as someone asks them a question, Donald Trump takes his time in rolling out his agenda – step-by-step he brings out new elements of his plan for America as they are needed by the situation and as his narrative is ready to incorporate them.

He has been mostly noncommittal on the Black problem, simply dog-whistling about how he loves the police and how we need a strong police force.

But now, after a string of Obama-inspired terrorist events, he’s taking things a step further, incorporating his agenda to protect White people from Blacks into his larger plan to make America great again.


Donald Trump said Monday he believes the Black Lives Matter movement has in some cases helped instigate the recent killings of police officers, and suggested he might direct his future attorney general to investigate the civil rights activist group.

“Certainly, in certain instances they are,” Trump told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly when he asked whether the group has been “a fuse-lighter in the assassinations of these police officers.”

“They certainly have ignited people and you see that … It’s a very, very serious situation and we just can’t let it happen,” Trump said.

Trump also called the group a “threat” and accused the group of “essentially calling death to the police,” apparently referring to a 2014 video of protesters in New York City who chanted, “What do we want? Dead cops.”

“We are going to have to, perhaps, talk to the attorney general about it or do something,” Trump said when O’Reilly asked if Trump would order his attorney general to investigate the group.

“At a minimum, we’re going to have to be watching because that’s really bad stuff and it’s happened more than once,” he said.

The monkey party is going to end completely when Trump assumes control.

I can tell you that.