Finally: California is Burning Up for Good This Time

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 28, 2018

I see all these apocalyptic headlines and I’m just like “yeah whatever, call me with the earth opens up and prehistoric hollow earth megafauna starts climbing out and wrecking cities.

This picture is pretty hardcore though.

It looks like Fallout, no?

Check this one.

Sad part… these are white areas.

The few people in California who don’t deserve to be burned alive are the ones getting the fires.

…for now.


Washington Post:

Fueled by an incendiary combination of scorching temperatures, dry air and unpredictable winds, the deadly Carr fire doubled in size to 80,906 acres on Saturday — almost the size of the city of Philadelphia. The wildfire has forced thousands to flee, torched 500 buildings and killed five people — three civilians and two firefighters.

President Trump declared a state of emergency on Saturday for the areas affected by the fire.

Fire Inspector Jeremy Stoke was killed battling the Northern California blaze, the Redding Fire Department announced. The other firefighter killed in the blaze was identified as 81-year-old Don Ray Smith, a privately hired bulldozer operator. Two children and their great-grandmother were killed when they were unable to escape the flames, according to the Associated Press.

The deaths underscored the hazards of a blaze that Cal Fire Chief Brett Gouvea called “extremely dangerous and moving with no regard to what’s in its path.”

The National Weather Service issued a red-flag warning Friday, saying fire-favorable conditions would exist until at least 8 a.m. Monday. The fire was so strong it was producing wind gusts of up to 50 mph and fire whirlwinds — tornado-like funnels of fire, ash and combustible gas. Smoke from the Carr fire could be seen from space.

Authorities say the fire started Monday when a car having some sort of mechanical issue sparked a blaze.

But an initial slow burn “became very active” later in the week as the weather tilted in the fire’s favor, Gouvea said.

On Thursday morning, the fire was burning across 20,000 acres, officials said. Within 24 hours, it had doubled in size, thwarting efforts to bring it under control. By Saturday morning, it had surpassed 80,000 acres, and only 5 percent of the fire had been contained.

Honestly, I hope everyone in California burns to death.

Except my friends. I hope my friends are okay. Even if we never meet, I consider you all my friends. And some day we will meet, I suspect.

You guys I mean. You are all my friends. And I’m sorry you have to live in that hell. Truly.

We’ll take it back some day. If it doesn’t all burn up.

And if the San Andreas fault line doesn’t open up and gigantic hollow earth lizards come crawling out to eat absolutely everyone.

Seriously though, as far as CGI pointless action films go – Skull Island beats anything Marvel has ever done.