Finally a Black Guy Commits an Ostensibly Sympathetic Murder – Google Shows His Face

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2018

Google News has gone to such shit, there are rumors on /pol/ (spread by shills) that I am now using Reddit to find news links.

But I still check Google News a few times a day.

One thing to know about Google News – whenever the murderer in a murder news story is a black guy, they say “man” and don’t show a picture of perp, but the victim, or a stock image of police tape and/or sirens.

Except here.

Presumably because this is the first ostensibly sympathetic murder you’ve heard of a black committing since… since OJ, I guess.

He really didn’t do anything wrong.

Fox News:

An Arizona father decided to “take care of a situation” his own way when he killed a man who attempted to enter a bathroom stall his daughter was in, police said.

Melvin Harris III faces a second-degree murder charge in the beating death of Leon Leevon Armstrong, reported on Tuesday. Harris was taken into custody earlier this month after the deadly encounter at a QuikTrip convenience store in Phoenix involving his 16-year-old daughter.

Leon Leevon Armstrong, seen in this mug shot from march of this year, looks like he might have substance abuse issues.

The 40-year-old was waiting in the parking lot to pick up his daughter and two friends when Armstrong approached him asking for money. Harris gave him some change and Armstrong went into the store.

Harris’ daughter came out of the store and told her father that a man tried to enter her bathroom stall by violently shaking the door, police said. She said she told the employees who alerted the security guard.

So he didn’t “follow her in.” He shook the door.

Interesting difference between the headline and the actual story there.

She then identified Armstrong as the alleged harasser when she spotted him walking out of the store.

Possibly thinking not enough was being done, Harris approached the security guard and told him to “take care of the situation, or he would do it himself.” The guard said the incident was being handled.

The protective father, however, confronted Armstrong about the incident and then attacked him, authorities said. Witnesses told police Harris repeatedly stomped, punched and kicked the man.

Presumably, the nigger he gave the money to was just high on drugs and wasn’t actually trying to sexually harass, but just had the shits and the daughter was taking too long and he was angry.

Actually, it is weird that this story is even a headline on Google News – niggers kill other niggers dozens of times a day in America. “Nigger gets mad, kills other nigger” is no more of a news story than “man gets hungry, eats cheeseburger.”


So the very fact that they are reporting this is apparently due to the ostensibly sympathetic motive.

Which is completely bizarre – like “look, here’s an example of these nonstop nigger murders you hear about – he was protecting his teenage daughter from a sexual predator nigger.”

The real story here is that niggers give other niggers change so they can buy crack with it. I was not aware of this phenomenon, and it should be investigated further.


A commenter wrote:

Fucked up story, even if it’s niggers. He should have every legal right to beat that motherfucker to death.

To which I replied:

I highly doubt there was anything sexual about the pounding on the door.

This would have been a steel unisex bathroom door at a paki store (like a gas station), almost certainly. Not a “stall” as we would think of it normally. Small paki stores do not have men’s and women’s separate bathrooms, let alone multiple toilets segregated into stalls. The crackhead probably didn’t know who was in there and just wanted in for his own reasons, and thought she was taking too long.

Because I have been around these people to know exactly how it would have played out. Crackheads are agitated and have no sense of time, and they get the shits all the time (shitting is the only reason a nigger uses a bathroom, they piss outside and smoke drugs in alleys).

The killer nigger probably then asked the pounder nigger “yo was you is bang da door” and the other nigger started into nigger “I don’t know you muffugguh” shit then one or the other attacked, which ended in the one who was not on crack beating the one who was on crack to death.

That is Occam’s Razor based on how the story is told in the media. It makes a lot more sense than the idea that he was trying to like, rape her in the bathroom of a small store by breaking through a metal door with his bare hands.

It doesn’t even say that she accused him of touching her when she came out.

This shit happens all the time. It’s unironically “their culture.”

Just to be clear.

I don’t think there was actually any attempted sexual assault, this is just being promoted by the media because apparently they are trying to present a sympathetic black-on-black crime story as a part of their psychological warfare operation.