Final US Troops Leave Afghanistan, War Officially Over, Taliban Officially Won

It’s just really amazing that after fighting a war for 20 years, the US military was incapable of planning an exit wherein everyone came out of the country.


The last three US military transport planes have departed the Hamid Karzai Airport just ahead of the August 31 deadline, officially ending the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) has confirmed.

The last C-17 Globemaster transport lifted off from Kabul at 3:29pm East Coast time, General Kenneth McKenzie, head of the CENTCOM officially announced on Monday, calling it “the completion of our withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

With the last US military flight departed, McKenzie said every single US service member had now left Afghanistan. However, he acknowledged that the US did not manage to evacuate everyone it wanted to.

That soldier who got fired for asking questions asked how it was possible to not plan to get everyone out.

We still don’t have an answer to that – we just know that people who ask about it get fired.

It’s kind of alpha that the Biden people refuse to answer any questions about anything, and just fire anyone who asks.

Personally, I don’t really care, and just think it’s funny that the US lost this badly to those cave people.

It’s funny – and it’s encouraging!

If they got beaten by cave people, surely patriotic Americans can beat them when they invade us.

This war began when I was a teenager. Back then, before the internet was what it is now, people who were after the truth ended up going through a lot of different political views.

In these last two decades, going through leftism, Alex Jonesism, Daily Stormerism, and finally settling on becoming a Hoax Watcher, I’ve always been against this war, which has loomed over America all these years, based on the false claim and HOAX that Osama bin Laden did 911 (it was actually done by Jews).

I’m very thankful to the Taliban for explaining to stupid Americans that there is still no proof of al-Qaeda involvement in the attacks.

The Jews are of course claiming that more of these types of attacks will happen.

I doubt that the Jews will stage another Islamic hoax.

If the Jews start flying planes into buildings again, they will blame pro-Trump anti-vaxers.

Joe Biden will announce that the attack was “pure evil” carried out by “white terrorists” who “hate us for our science.”

They will claim the entire attack was organized by Alex Jones, who will be on the run in Texas.

The crippled Texas governor will ask for proof that Jones planned the attack, and when Joe Biden says he doesn’t need any proof, he will order attacks on Texas.

Then, as the US forces struggle to track down Jones, they will announce that the anti-vaxer Tim Pool helped fund the attack from his compound in West Virginia.

US forces will then begin a slaughter in WV.

Tim Pool’s compound will quickly fall and then a year later, Pool will be found buggered down in a spider-hole.

The British tabloids will publish pictures of him in prison without his beanie on.

It will slowly leak out that the US is just slaughtering civilians in Texas and WV, but no one will care, because they are “Dogis” who “hate us for our vaccines.”

It will be rumored for a decade that Jones is already dead, having been in a diabetic coma for years. However, in 2031, the media will announce that brave Navy Seals killed Jones in a cave in New Mexico. They will claim to have dumped his body in the ocean so that anti-vaxers don’t make a monument to his grave.

In 2041, the black tranny cripple president of America will announce that the goals of victory have been accomplished in Texas, and finally end the war.

Then, finally then, the Texans will shoot guns in the air, and celebrate victory over the Evil Empire, which will no longer at that time be called the USA, but instead just “Gaynigger Alpha Base 1.”

People will go on CNN claiming that in the hasty withdrawal, the president “left many of our gayniggers behind” and that they would be killed.

“We should have never pulled our troops out of the Austin airport until we could confirm that every trans soldier and gaynigger was safe from the Texan anti-vax forces!” they will declare.

While they’re fighting in Washington over who’s to blame, the anti-vaxers will be dropping the Texans who collaborated with the gaynigger and vaxer forces out of helicopters.

I don’t know that this is what is going to happen, for sure.

But it makes as much sense as what happened with this Afghanistan situation.

And at this time, it does appear that the Biden Administration is preparing to invade the United States.