Final Showdown: Live From Texas on the Daily Stormer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2016

donald trump poster

The Jews always used to laugh. They used to think it was a Joke. They aren’t laughing anymore. Today they realize the gravity of the situation.

Let’s get ready to rummmmmmble!


No. Wait.

Wrong pic.

Meant this one.


Tonight we are live from Houston, Texas for the most important event ever in human history: the last GOP debate before Super Tuesday.

The fate of the universe hangs in the balance.


The Mad Titan Donald Trump needs only two more soul gems to unlock the Infinity Gauntlet and gain control of reality itself. These two powerful cosmic gems are in the possession of diabolical duo of greasy Cuban wetbacks.

I predict a full-on slaughter.

Marco “Miami Foam Party” Rubio has challenged the Leader in a pre-debate attack. Rubio previously got shot down hard by Hot Dog Contest Cristie – shot down so badly that a bunch of people said he should just quit.

Here’s that most memorable scene, where he said the same thing twice in a row and the fat man was like lolwat:

As soon as this spic steps into the ring with the Donald he’s gonna get straight Ronda Rousey’d.

Also tonight, you will witness the final demise of Cruzman Sachs. His whole campaign is already collapsing, his poll numbers in free fall, because of all his dirty trickery.


When we watched Scarface as children and we were all like “wow, Cubans are so sweet, I wish I was a Cuban, I’d be all like bang bang bang f-bomb f-bomb bang bang f-bomb bang sniff sniff bang bang f-bomb f-bomb money money money.” But what our parents never told us: Al Pacino is Italian, not Cuban. Yes, friends: it was all a lie.

It’s sure to be an exciting night, and if Donald scores serious knock-outs – as we expect he will – it could turn Tuesday into a complete blowout.

Though we should get our hopes up too high, I think it’s seriously possible we could win every state – including Texas.

An interesting to watch for tonight will be if they have the nerve to stack the audience like they did last time, the filthy tricksters. They don’t have shame, because they’re Jews, but surely they understand that they’ve been caught.

We’ll see.


Last debate, most hated failure, low-energy Jeb Bush, was getting cheers like he was Elvis Presley in his prime.

As is our best new tradition here on the Daily Stormer, we’ll bee live-chatting about the debate in this thread. All are welcome. It’s a great time. And we’ve just upgraded the board so it shouldn’t crash this time (during Nevada it crashed just as the first results were coming in and 1000 Nazis were trying to post Anime gifs at the same time).

Come join us, and feel the love tonight.

As well as the hatred of our enemies.

Live Thread

A new age is upon us.

An age of Glory.

An age of the new man.

An age of big guys.

donald trump thanos

Hail Victory.