Final Map

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2016

The title is actually a lie.

We don’t have a final final map yet.

But we are going to get more than 300 electoral votes, here in the next few hours.


This qualifies as a “landslide.” Which is also the name of the Fleetwood Mac song Hillary is listening to on repeat as she cries on the lap of Huma Abedin (stole that from weev).

Hillary did not give a concession speech. Trump said she called him. It was probably an aide that called him, technically. I think she’s probably asleep, and may actually have just gone ahead and died.

We also won the House and Senate.

Or rather, the GOP did. I’m not sure we can call them “we” just yet.

We are going to purge in 2 years and then again in 4.


Paul Ryan needs to step down.

That’s going to be a big push in the coming days/weeks, if he doesn’t just go ahead and do it this week.

This was not only a referendum on the Obama agenda, it was a referendum on the cuckold GOP agenda.

“Compassionate conservatism” is now officially dead forever.

We are now a populist-nationalist party.

And a populist-nationalist country.