Final Countdown: Limey Neocon Tony Blair Promotes WWIII Over False Flag Gassing Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2018

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is out and about shilling for war in Syria over the false flag gassing hoax.

I guess we can trust him on this – he was right about Iraq after all.

They were a terrorist state hellbent on global domination using nuclear weapons, now they’re a thriving, modern democracy.

What no, sorry – I’m thinking of something else…

The Iraq war he sold us didn’t really work out very well at all, and this is basically the exact same thing, so…

Sky News:

Tony Blair has declared the UK “will have to” back any US-led military intervention in Syria or give “carte blanche” for the future use of chemical weapons.

The former Prime Minister called for Theresa May to act and said she did not need the approval of MPs through a vote in Parliament.

Speaking after a suspected chemical attack in the city of Douma that reportedly killed 70 people and injured 500, Mr Blair said those responsible must be “held to account”.

He told Sky News: “If you don’t respond to the use of chemical weapons against civilians then obviously we’re ignoring what the international community has said.

“Which is that this is unacceptable and those that use such methods should be held to account and we’re giving carte blanche for the use of chemical weapons.

“So I think it’s a pretty simple equation.

“Even if we take the action – which I think we will have to do – it doesn’t solve the longer-term question of what happens in Syria.”

Pushed on whether ministers should call a Commons vote on joining any US action, Mr Blair said: “They don’t strictly need one and we’re not talking about ground action, this would be action in support of military intervention by the US.”

It actually is kinda surprising that Blair is allowed to go out there and say this, given that he was the number two guy responsible for the Iraq debacle.

They aren’t rolling out George Bush to talk about how we have to do this Syrian war.

Theresa is also on the prowl – also not a great record on these things.

Britain has left open the option of airstrikes in Syria.

Mrs May said on Monday that if President Bashar al Assad was found to be behind another chemical attack, “the regime and its backers, including Russia, must be held to account”.

Well, you already held Russia “to account” for something they didn’t do.

So maybe if you decide they did this, you can not hold them to account for it, since you already held them to account for a hoax.

Boy oh boy.

Sure is nutty.

US said Russia did election hacking, then had to admit they didn’t.

UK said Russia did poisoning, has effectively admitted they didn’t.

But this chemical gassing – which is exactly the same as the chemical gassing last year that turned out to be a hoax – this one is for sure the real deal.

No question.

As I’ve said: these people are living in 2003.

They do not understand the way the world has changed. The way we the people have changed.

This sort of thing just can’t sell anymore, because we don’t believe in anything anymore.