Filthy Moslem Restaurant Owners Added Feces to Food and Made 140 People Sick

News Foxes
October 9, 2015

Mohammad Abdul Basit and Amjab Bhatti were not even jailed for poisoning so many people and one child almost died in hospital.

Muslim restaurant owners are facing criminal charges after a high number of people became violently ill after consuming food that was prepared at their restaurant. Mohammad Abdul Basit and Amjab Bhatti have pleaded guilty to breaching food safety regulations at the The Khyber Pass kebab shop in Nottingham. Over 140 people were infected with a rare strain of E. coli, including a child who nearly died in a hospital.

Nottingham City Council discovered that the customers had contracted this sometimes deadly strain of E. coli after inspecting the restaurant and finding inadequate hand washing facilities, and poor personal hygiene of food workers. Since this strain of the virus is only found in the human digestive tract, the inspectors concluded that the customers must have contracted the virus through fecal matter being transferred from unwashed hands onto the food they were consuming.

“You realise the way it was transmitted was by use of incorrect hand washing after using the lavatory to defecate,” said prosecutor Bernard Thorogood. “A cough can’t do it, a handshake could if it’s an infected hand which means it was not washed after using the lavatory.”

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