Filthy Jew Bitch Luciana Berger Complains That British Mental Health Services are Not Sensitive to Jew Culture

Daily Slave
January 2, 2015

6 million plastic surgeries would not be able to fix Luciana Berger’s broken looking Jew face.

I am really sick of this stupid Jewess bitch MP Luciana Berger.  It was bad enough that she got a patriotic British nationalist thrown in jail for calling her a Jewess on the interwebs, but now she is complaining that British mental health services are not sensitive to Jewish culture.

She recently wrote an extensive opinion editorial on the subject that was published by the Jewish News a British Jew publication.

What I found hilarious about it is that she admits in the article that a significant percentage of Jews develop a mental illness during their lifetime.  Considering the insane behavior of the Jewish people, this is an obvious fact.  It would seem to me that many Jews are mentally ill in some capacity just based upon their deranged behavior.  It is highly likely that Jews are prone to develop a mental illness because of their strange breeding habits.  When you have two Jews with undesirable genetic traits breed with one another, the resulting child will obviously be prone to weird physical and mental aberrations.

After making this admission, she goes on to complain that the British mental health system is not sensitive enough to Jewish culture.  With these comments I think this dumb Jewess bitch should be examined for mental illness herself.  Why the hell should the British people accommodate the bizarrely alien customs and traditions of Jews?  If you have such a problem with the way British mental health services operate, than take a one-way trip to Israel so you can be with your fellow Jewish pig demons.  There you will not have to worry about the mental health services being insensitive to Jews.

Seriously, with this opinion editorial it should be obvious to all British people that this filthy Jewess bitch MP Luciana Berger does not at all represent the interests of the British people.  She represents her disgusting race of pig demon Jews first and foremost.  This alien subversive Jewess bitch should be arrested and then deported to Israel.  The fact that she is still a member of the British parliament is completely insane.

And finally one last note to Luciana.  I personally find you to be a repulsive and ugly looking Jewess.  Six million plastic surgeries wouldn’t fix your broken face.