A group opposing what it called normalization of white nationalism under the term “alt-right” has created a Google Chrome extension that changes the phrase to “white supremacy.”

The phrase “alt right” or “alternative right” came to the fore during the presidential election, and Donald Trump’s chief strategist Steven Bannon has said he wanted the news site he once managed, Breitbart.com, to be “a platform for the alt-right.”

“This gentle sounding name is the rebranding of White Supremacy and White Nationalism, and its normalization must be stopped,” the group “Stop Normalizing” says on its website.

The statement I just emphasized is weird to say the least, and shows the backwards thinking of just about everyone outside the Alt-Right about what is actually happening here. If anyone is attempting to redefine anything, it is the Alt-Lites who are attempting to rebrand “Alt-Right” by claiming that it never was actually about White Nationalism or White Supremacy.

We know better.


We’re just kidding Jews, we really like you… 😉

“It is just a chrome extension — I don’t think we’re going to silence completely people that support white nationalist views. But with the reaction we’ve gotten I think there’s a nerve to be hit,” the creator of the app, who didn’t want his real name used by gave the pseudonym George Zola, told NBC News.

Of course you’re not going to silence us all. I doubt your silly little app can silence a gnat fart.

But what’s with the alias? I thought  it was an odd one, so I Jewgled it and guess what? After a few articles about this whining faggot, the top result for George Zola was about a Long Island, New York schoolteacher who was accused of  fondling a female student.

He says he’s White, but this sounds like the Jewish sense of humor to me.

Whoever Zola and the other shadow-lurkers in this shady group are, they certainly seem well-connected. As of Tuesday, the app only had 2100 downloads, which is absolutely nothing when you consider that as of 2015 Chrome has over a billion users.

But despite the somewhat less than stunning popularity of the app, it has already been featured in The Independent, The Huffington Post, Mashable, Think Progress, the above-mentioned NBC News story, and who knows where else. “George Zola” even has a Wikipedia page!

Now available in Neo-Nazi flavor!

Now available in Neo-Nazi flavor!

They’re scared, fam. If I were them I would be too. When you spend all your time attacking a sleeping giant, sooner or later you’ve got to worry that he will awaken at any time, and what happens then?

That’s the sixty thousand shekel question.

They know they won’t like the answer.


Here’s their Twitter–@STOPNORMALIZING. Let them know what you think.