FILLER: Republicans Crack Down on Squad for Inciting Hatred Against Innocent Christ-Killing Jew Terrorists

I recently announced that EXPLOSIONS are our greatest strength. I announced that literally like 1 minute ago, because we had some delays with the site today and this is filler that I write in only one minute.

But the real strength of diversity?


My message to AOC and her tits is very simple: “GAS UP THE FAKE SHOWER ROOMS, MAMACITA.”


Three Republican lawmakers are seeking to censure and condemn Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York) and fellow members of her liberal ‘squad’ for their controversial comments about Israel and Palestine.

In the resolution seeking to censure the lawmakers, introduced by Reps. Michael Waltz (R-Florida), Jim Banks (R-Indiana) and Claudia Tenney (R-New York) on Monday, multiple incidents were cited of members of the unofficial ‘squad’ of liberal lawmakers – Reps. Ayanna Pressley (D-Massachusetts), Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan), Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota), and Ocasio-Cortez – “defending” terrorist organizations and helping to “incite” anti-Semitic violence.

The lawmakers point to recent comments by Omar that stirred controversy even within her own party. Earlier this month, the congresswoman was accused of equating the US and Israel with groups such as Hamas and the Taliban. She later clarified the intention of her comment, made on Twitter, saying she was referring to the alleged war crimes involving both countries and groups that are currently being investigated, and called the pushback against her “shameful.”

The new resolution shows the Republicans introducing it were not satisfied with the explanation. Omar, they claim, “accused the United States of backing crimes against humanity,” Meanwhile, Ocasio-Cortez accused Israel of “human rights abuses,” Pressley compared supporting Israel to backing “oppression, violence, and apartheid,” and Tlaib accused Israel of “ethnic cleansing.”

“We cannot turn a blind eye to Members of Congress openly defending terrorist attacks by Hamas against our close ally Israel nor their dangerous rhetoric which has contributed to anti-Semitic attacks across the country,” Waltz said in a statement about the potential censure.

Democrat ‘squad’ members are frequently the target of the Republicans, but some of them have found themselves ruffling the feathers of many within their own party too, especially when it comes to their views on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

After Omar’s controversial war crimes tweet, 12 Jewish Democrats called for “clarification” and blasted the seeming comparisons made by the young lawmaker. After Omar’s response, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and other Democrat leaders released a statement again condemning the comparison.


I could easily just type some quick standard stuff here about how sick I am of Republicans shilling for Jews, and how it is obviously against their interests and so on.

But this is not your average filler news website, so I’ll give you an epic hot take:

These brown people (Squad) attack Jews on the basis that they are “white.” They’re not actually white, as we know, because the word “white” is just a secular euphemism for “historical Christendom”*. But most Republicans have been brainwashed into believing there is such a thing as “Judeo-Christianity,” which then also means that Jews are “white people.”

The Squad also attacks white people directly, but conservatives are too cowed to ever defend whites. So, they defend Jews as a proxy way of defending whites.

It’s the same thing you see with Americans getting really worked up about Jew nationalism in Israel – it’s a proxy way for them to release the urge to defend their own homeland, which they’ve been told they are evil if they do.

The Jews understand all this and set it up this way – the only purpose of a Christian in the mind of a Jew is to serve the Jews, so Jews make it very easy to do. The Squad serves the Jewish domestic agenda by attacking whites and promoting socialism (even though “American culture” is going to destroy them and their families as well). The Republicans support the Jewish foreign agenda by defending Israel. Everyone serves the Jews while thinking they’re serving their own interests.

*Yes, I would include Arab Christians in that definition. Obviously, they’re mixed, but the reason for that is that slut white women will always go have sex with Moslems, and in the Levant, they were surrounded by Moslems. They used to be whiter than they are now, but whatever – they’re still passable for the most part. 

There used to be cringe weirdos on the internet that would say “race before religion,” but the actual reality is that race is religion. Christianity is the factor linking all white people together as a single family. Before that it was just warring tribes – and the ones who did not become Christians ended up mixing with the outlying people. Christianity is psychologically designed for whites, and it’s the reason that Swedes didn’t mix with the Samis, Russians didn’t mix with the Siberians and Southern Moslems, and British colonists didn’t mix with the Indians. Christianity is inseparable from whiteness. You’re going to start hearing that from the enemy soon.

Also, yes: blacks and others have adopted Christianity, but that is a very recent historical phenomenon that happened AFTER the solidification of whites as a race. The Bible contains clear statements that we’re not supposed to mix race. And yes, people of other races can be “brothers in Christ” if they adopt our religion, but it doesn’t mean that we are in any way obligated to live with them or do anything else for them.