Filipino Shitlord Calls Jew US Ambassador an Annoying Homosexual Sonovabitch

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2016


If there was a perennial archetype of idgaf, it would be the Filipino overlord Rody Duterte.

Daily Mail:

The divisive leader of the Philippines may have just put his government on a diplomatic collision course with the United States.

President Rodrigo Duterte, a man who has often been compared to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump due to his penchant for flippant public remarks, called the American ambassador to Manila ‘a homosexual’ and a ‘son of a bitch’ who ‘really annoys me’.

The remarks were reported by the news site Breitbart.

The president took aim at the ambassador, Philip Goldberg, who made headlines recently by criticizing the then-candidate Duterte for his remarks about regretting the fact that he did not participate in the gang rape of a young woman in Davao City.

Duterte was mayor of Davao City for 22 years before ascending to national office.

During an appearance before soldiers on Friday, the president recounted a meeting he held with US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Washington’s top diplomat flew to the Southeast Asian country last month to confer with the newly elected leader over a recent decision by The Hague to rule in Manila’s favor in a maritime dispute with China.

While Duterte said that he found Kerry to be ‘okay’, he ‘had an argument with their ambassador, that bakla [homosexual]’.

“Bakla” would actually be more appropriately translated as “tranny.” In the Philippines, all homosexuals are transsexuals.

‘Son of a bitch, he really annoys me’, Duterte said.

There is no indication that Goldberg is a homosexual, which makes it more likely that the president used the term in a derisive manner.

Duterte has generated controversy on numerous occasions with his abrasive speaking style.

Last week, he challenged Trump to a fistfight after the GOP hopeful said that as president he would seek to ban Filipinos from the US.

And I’m not even bothered. It’s natural for masculine leaders to challenge one another. This is the world we want to live in.

I tend to like Filipino people, but they should be banned. All they do in America is work and send the money back to their country, which doesn’t help our country in any way. They are a lot better than the Mexicans though, so if we did for some reason need low wage workers, it would be better to get them from the Philippines than from Mexico. Asians are not a bunch of murdering rapists like the Mexicans.

But given the present state of our economy, and the rate of unemployment, we don’t need any assistance from non-White wage workers.

I can tell you this though – Donald Trump wouldn’t be whining about “human rights” in the Philippines like our present Negroid-Jew-feminist-faggot government is.


The U.S. government has expressed concern over extrajudicial killings of suspected drug dealers and users in a bloody crackdown overseen by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and urged his government to ensure law enforcement efforts comply with human rights obligations.

Duterte has had an uneasy relationship with America and has said he will chart a foreign policy that is not dependent on the U.S., his country’s longtime treaty ally. Duterte has also tried to repair relations with China that have been strained over escalating territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

The drug crackdown has left more than 400 suspected dealers dead and more than 4,400 arrested since Duterte took office on June 30. Nearly 600,000 people have surrendered to authorities, hoping to avoid getting killed. The arrests have overwhelmed the country’s mostly rundown and already-overcrowded jails.

We are concerned by these detentions, as well as the extrajudicial killing of individuals suspected to be involved in drug activity in the Philippines,” Trudeau said. “We strongly urge the Philippines to ensure its law enforcement efforts comply with its human rights obligations.”

We believe in rule of law. We believe in due process. We believe in respect for universal human rights. We believe, fundamentally, that those aspects ensure and promote long-term security,” she said.

But you see Madam, these ideas are no longer popular.


We are reaching the point where a belief in “universal human rights” will seem as backward and silly as believing evil spirits live in the bog or that rain is the result of a giant man in the sky pouring out a bucket.

Roman Catholic church leaders and human rights groups in the Philippines have also expressed alarm over the widespread killings in reported gunbattles with police or still-unexplained deaths of drug suspects, some of whom were abandoned with cardboard messages warning the public to stay away from illegal drugs or they would die next.

Several of the slain drug suspects were killed by motorcycle-riding gunmen in attacks similar to those carried out by so-called “death squads” which were blamed for years of killings in southern Davao city while Duterte was the longtime mayor.


Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno raised concerns Monday in a letter to Duterte about his publicly linking seven judges — among more than 150 other officials and law enforcers — to illegal drugs over the weekend. She said three of the judges he named have either died, were dismissed or have retired. She cautioned the rest not to surrender to police without any arrest warrants.

“It would matter greatly to our sense of constitutional order, if we were given the chance to administer the appropriate preventive measures without the complications of a premature public announcement,” Sereno told Duterte in the letter, which she made public.

Duterte reacted angrily Tuesday by saying his aggressive crackdown was meant to save Filipinos from crime and danger sparked by illegal drugs, and added that he had issued no order to law enforcers to conduct illegal killings to fight the problem.

This is so funny.


He never issued an order, but he publicly told everyone to just start killing drug dealers on the streets.

“Would you rather that I will declare martial law?” Duterte asked in a speech before army troops.

Duterte said he is ready to step down even before his six-year term ends once he has eliminated the drug menace and carried out a campaign pledge to shift the government to a federal system.

Trudeau also criticized Duterte for his comments about Goldberg.

“We’ve seen those inappropriate comments made about Ambassador Goldberg. He’s a multi-time ambassador, one of our most senior U.S. diplomats,” she said. “We have asked the Philippine charge to come into the State Department to clarify those remarks.”

This situation in the Philippines is truly magical. Like something out of a dream.

This guy was elected – in a country which has been under the thumb of the United States for a century – and he just started slaughtering the enemies of the people and saying whatever he wants.

The Philippines is a small, poor and pretty much irrelevant country, of course.

But this is a sign of things to come.

The world has changed. This change was hidden. But now it is making itself known.

Our future is manifesting itself.