Apollonian Filipina Takes on Zioclops and His Jewish Anti-Free Speech Agenda

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2019

Michelle Malkin truly is a hero on a level we have not seen.

We haven’t seen it from Ann Coulter, we haven’t seen it from Tucker Carlson.

We’ve seen it only from her. And of course Alex Jones and others who aren’t in the mainstream. But from the mainstream, she is flying solo as the singular defender of America First.

At first I thought she was just going to stay on the immigration issue, while defending Nick Fuentes and the Groypers. But on Monday she just randomly started attacking Zioclops Dan Crenshaw for saying that people who don’t support Israel can’t have First Amendment rights.

I’m extremely proud of Michelle.

Today she tweeted a direct link to Nick’s latest show.

It was a particularly inspired one, by the way. They’ve all been particularly inspired lately, but he went through the histories of his enemies and I could just feel the spirit of God talking through him. (Though he needs to edit out those intros. Bro, I say this as your biggest fan: after you go off air, cut out the 30-minute music intro. It is bad enough you can’t get the podcast up on time, but trying to skip to the part where the talking starts on a phone is a tedious act no man should have to endure.)

I lived in the Philippines during some of my formative years, and I always thought they were fundamentally good people. Which is more than you can say about most groups on this planet. If we were destined to be a multiracial nation, I wish we would have ended up with 40 million Filipinos instead of these 40 million niggers.

Just joking, folks.

Some edgy humor there.

No it isn’t.

Punish the Zioclops

Honestly, I think Crenshaw more or less totally killed any long term political viability with that statement.

He literally said “if you don’t support Israel, you can’t have First Amendment rights,” and even the most aggressive Israel supporters don’t share that view.

He really is a dumb sonovabitch.

It would have been so easy for him to just spit out some nonsense about how it doesn’t actually violate the First Amendment. I mean, the people who promote it claim that it doesn’t (even though it can’t and won’t stand up to a SCOTUS ruling, which is inevitable).

Instead, he says that if you are against “the only Jewish state” then you are an anti-Semite and you can’t have free speech.

Even if that statement itself isn’t enough to destroy his career, the stupidity of actually saying that out loud certainly is. All of the big Jews who created this cycloptic bastard are going to start pulling support.

My advice to Dan is twofold:

  1. Grow a longer beard, to increase the illusion that you have a jawline.
  2. Lose your other eye and wear double eye patches to increase the illusion that you’re some kind of badass.

Furthermore, thank you for your service and move to Israel you cocksucker.

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