Fighting Fire with Fire! Indonesia Unveils Thot-Patrolling Thot Patrol!

Daily Stormer
January 29, 2020

I gotta say: this is nothing short of genius. Thots patrolling thots? Shudda thought of that one myself years ago!


The masked woman nervously approaches her target, shuffles into position and then unleashes a flurry of lashes — proving herself as the newest member of the first female flogging squad in Indonesia’s Aceh province.

The new recruit initially needed some coaxing to punish the offender — an unmarried woman caught in a hotel room with a man.

Such behaviour constitutes a morality crime in Aceh, the only region in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation that imposes Islamic law — known as Sharia. Those found guilty of breaches are often publicly whipped with a rattan cane.

But despite her reticence, she persevered and delivered her first flogging.

“I think she did a good job. Her technique was nice,” Banda Aceh Sharia police chief investigator Zakwan, who uses one name, told AFP.

Yes, her technique was 100% halal.

Corporal punishment¬†should¬†make a comeback. I don’t understand why it is considered backwards and barbaric. Is spending years in prison, costing taxpayers tens of thousands and then going on to commit crimes again anyway really an effective system? Maybe it’s a nice set-up for lawyers who would be out of a job otherwise, but it doesn’t make sense in any other context.

Women in particular need corporal punishment. They don’t understand anything else, really.

You bouta get flogged

I am sure I do not need to tell the married men here that logic and reason simply do not work on them – especially when their vagina is pumping hysteria chemicals directly into their puny walnut-sized brains, which happens very often. These crazy wenches need the rod.