FIFA Fines Germany for Nazi Chants at a World Cup Qualifier

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2017

What the hell is wrong with Germans chanting Nazi slogans at a football game?

FIFA did not take kindly to some of the fine German football fans who attended a recent World Cup qualifying match in Prague. They objected to some of the Germans chanting Nazi slogans.


FIFA fined the German soccer federation 32,000 Swiss francs ($33,000) on Monday because fans chanted Nazi slogans at a World Cup qualifying game in the Czech Republic.

The range of “improper conduct” charges against Germany included fans encroaching on the field and setting off fireworks at the game in Prague, FIFA said.

German officials said the offensive fans did not buy tickets through official channels. Germany’s next away World Cup qualifier is on Thursday in Northern Ireland.

About 200 German supporters chanted slogans during their team’s 2-1 win and verbally abused one of the scorers, Timo Werner.

FIFA also fined the Czech federation 5,000 Swiss francs ($5,150) for crowd disorder.

FIFA’s attempts to crack down on fans chanting gay slurs saw seven national federations fined for incidents.

So they are fining the Germans because their fans chanted Nazi slogans. They’re even cracking down on fans saying negative things about faggots. This is not a smart move. What fun is watching football if as a German you can’t yell about gassing kikes and queers? One would think that FIFA would encourage this behavior. It makes watching the sport that much more fun. More fun means more ticket, concession and merchandise sales.

If FIFA is going to discourage German fans from engaging in this highly positive behavior than we should encourage all of our people to boycott future football games. After all, gassing kikes and faggots is something that would create a better society for future generations. If they are against this, than they are against human rights and freedom.

What this does show is that Nazism is still alive within the blood of the German people. The recent electoral success of the Alternative for Deutschland party shows this as well. The spirit of the German volk is not dead yet and they are beginning to rise again.

There is no reason for the German people to be ashamed of their ancestors. They should fully embrace them and the great things that they built. It is ridiculous that FIFA would fine Germans for being proud of their tremendous heritage and legacy. FIFA’s actions are not just mean spirited but they are plain wrong.