Fiendish Yids Outraged Daily Stormer Promoted Tulsi Gabbard

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 7, 2019

I did my best to NOT call for donations for Tulsi Gabbard. What happened was, there was 48 hours left to meet the donation amount that would get her into the debates, and she was nearly 2,000 donations short of meeting the threshold. So as anyone who was around those days will remember, I put a banner up and demanded that everyone give her a dollar to ensure she got into the debates.

I purposefully waited until the last minute, and I only did it when it was clear she wouldn’t get into the debates if I didn’t do it.

Obviously, I wanted her in the debates because she talks about real issues that actually matter, so I had to make a decision between tainting her with all of the gibberish that the media says about this website and her not getting in the debates at all, and I did what I thought was the right thing to do.

The media wasn’t going to mention this fact if she didn’t get traction, because they now avoid mentioning me by any means necessary, given that I run circles around them with my preternatural ability to manipulate their narratives (large think tanks have done gigantic studies on this ability that I have, and their advice was to simply stop mentioning me, totally).

But Tulsi has gotten traction. Her common sense speech in the last debate and her destruction of Kamala Harris the cop got her a whole lot of attention. Her policies are popular, they are something that unites both the left and right.

Jews absolutely hate Tulsi because she is opposed to their endless war agenda, and she is in fact the only candidate who makes a point to speak the truth about Israel’s involvement in these wars. She also defends Bashar al-Assad and calls out the stupid “gassing his own people” hoaxes.

So, the Jews have decided to start attacking her over my support for her. They are demanding that she give back the money given to her by “neo-Nazis.”

The story was originally printed on a Jewish-Israeli website.

Now, the disgusting yenta fiend Jennifer Rubin, a WaPo columnist, is out there saying it.

As is Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the Israeli lobbying group the Anti-Defamation League.

The demand that she “give back neo-Nazi donations” is utterly nonsensical on a number of different levels.

Firstly, terrorist Jews like Rubin and Greenblatt have continually failed to offer a definition of what they mean when they use this term. I am not a “neo-Nazi,” and I do not know what it means. Certainly, most readers of this website do not identify as “neo-Nazis.” The people who heeded my call to donate to Tulsi are American citizens with the same rights as anyone to participate in the political process.

Secondly, how is she supposed to figure out who the “neo-Nazi” donors were? Is she just supposed to give back all of the donations made during the time period that I was promoting her?

I did not personally give a donation, and I doubt anyone else who is a doxed White Advocate did either.

Is she supposed to check her donations for Nazi-sounding names?

Should she compare her donations list with the SS directory?

Obviously, the Jews calling for this know that it is a nonsense demand. They can simply continue making the demand and use it to try to destroy her. It is similar to their demands that explain how she is not a Russian agent. They are imposing a standard which she cannot meet.

She is right to simply not respond. They will probably not make this a huge issue.

She should disavow Nazism and say that everyone who gave her a donation is an American citizen who wants to see change in this country.

If they do continue to claim that this brown-skinned woman is a neo-Nazi, that might actually end up being good for her, as it increases her underdog status given that it is such a bizarre attack. And people like underdogs.

Furthermore – she shouldn’t care about this, but I do – talking about how evil neo-Nazis support a nonwhite woman because she is against war actually really significantly damages their general narrative about evil White people.

“These Nazis are pure evil – just look at them trying to elect a Samoan woman as president because she doesn’t want to fight World War 3 to protect Islamic terrorists!” is a level of incoherence that the media can’t really sustain long-term. They simply cannot tell the truth about what we actually believe and maintain the claim that we are fundamentally evil.