Fiendish Jew Maggie Haberman is Right About Trump Losing His Base

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 21, 2018

The New York Times kike Maggie Haberman finally said some things that are actually true in an interview on CNN.

The first thing this filthy yenta says is that people are abandoning Trump because of something something something Michael Cohen revelation.

That is complete bullshit. No one cares about any of that gibberish, on any level. There is absolutely zero that could come out of the Mueller probe that any single Trump supporter would care about. We have two years of proof of this fact.

However, after that, she goes into the real shit: that if Trump does not deliver on the wall – or any of his other promises – he is going to lose his hardcore base and this will open him up for impeachment.

That is an absolute fact of reality.

People are getting mad.

Everyone understood that there were all these issues, and Trump appeared powerless to do anything. But we are now approaching the two-year mark, and we’ve gotten literally nothing, other than some increased deportations and some blocks on various forms of “legal” immigration.

To be fair, what we didn’t get is massive.

We didn’t get:

  • An endless war in Syria
  • A war with Russia
  • A full-blown Camp of the Saints invasion from Central America
  • Hate speech laws
  • Gun control
  • etc.

It’s pretty much an endless list of bad things that are not happening because Trump won. And most of those things would have happened with Jeb just the same as they would have happened with Hillary.

So credit where credit is due, Trump has held the line.

And we should remember that, and not just go nuts complaining about the guy.


None of the major positive promises have been fulfilled.

There is:

  • No wall
  • No total shutdown of Moslems (just weak partial thing)
  • No friendship with Russia
  • No end of NAFTA (technically it did end, but the new thing is pretty much the same)
  • No end to DACA
  • No end of Obamacare

The promises he did fulfill were for the Jews – the Jerusalem embassy and the Iran deal.

Again – there are little things here and there that have been done which shouldn’t be dismissed. But the overall picture is that nothing is really getting done.

The end of the Syrian debacle is a very, very good thing. If that actually happens – and Iran too – I will be very appreciative.

And at the time of writing, it appears that he’s holding fast on making sure the wall is funded.

I don’t know how I feel about “artistically designed steel slats,” but whatever. Okay. Do that.

Fine. I’ll settle for that.

I think we all pictured a Jew-style gigantic concrete wall.

But at this point – whatever.

Bring on the artistic slats.

That will at least get some energy going here.

The Other Thing That Will Get Energy Going

The biggest, easiest thing that Trump could do RIGHT NOW is enact an Internet Bill of Rights, which ensures freedom of speech on the internet.

This is not simply a pet-issue of mine, because I’m the most silenced person ever in history – it is a reality that the entire media landscape is being manipulated in favor of greasy kikes, and if laws were enacted to force monopoly companies to give us free speech, there would be 100 fold the energy behind Trump’s agenda and it would make it that much easier for him to do what he wants to do.

I Believe That He Does Want to Do This Stuff

I want to be clear: I don’t think he has sold out, I just think he is literally incapable.

I’m not really all that mad at him as a person. I just know that other people are, and are going to get madder as we continue to see nothing happening.

He needs to start making serious moves in every single area he can make moves and he needs to start that NOW.

I am still a Trump-supporter.

I am simply a tired Trump-supporter.

I don’t want to see this all go down in flames.

And if Trump loses his base to not getting anything done, it is going to go down in flames.

And we will enter psycho-realm.