Fields Trial: Antifa Gun Waving Guy Testifies – Obesity Awareness Autopsy Details

Andrew Anglin (with Luis Castillo)
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2018


Both sides have wrapped up their cases.


A witness told jurors Thursday that James Alex Fields Jr. appeared calm and “maybe a little bit scared” before he plowed his car into a group of counterprotesters at a white nationalist rally, a crash that killed one woman and injured many other people.

Joshua Matthews was with Fields shortly before the deadly encounter, which came after police forced an end to the event following violent clashes between the two sides. Matthews was the final witness called by defense lawyers as they attempted to convince the jury that Fields was afraid for his life when he drove his Dodge Challenger into the counterprotesters on Aug. 12, 2017.

Fields is charged with first-degree murder and other counts.

Both prosecutors and defense attorneys wrapped up their cases Thursday. Closing arguments were expected late that afternoon. Fields did not testify in his own defense.

It seems like a mistake for him to not testify. The jury will be trying to figure out if he an evil meme nazi fantasy villain or just some normal guy, and he would have come off more like a normal guy if he had spoken up.

Matthews said he met Fields in a Charlottesville park where white nationalists had gathered. After police declared an “unlawful assembly,” Fields, Matthews and two other people decided to walk together “as it would probably be more safe,” Matthews said.

He said while they were walking, a group of “antifas” — short for anti-fascists — yelled at them. He said Fields yelled something back, although he said he couldn’t remember what Fields said.

The defense also called to the stand a left-wing defense group member who claimed in an earlier social media post that he had scared Fields away from a park where counterprotesters had gathered about an hour before Fields plowed his car into the crowd.

Dwayne Dixon testified that he saw a gray “muscle car” drive by several times. He said he yelled “Get the (expletive) out of here” at the car while wearing his gun slung over his shoulder. He testified that he could not see the driver because the car had tinted windows. Dixon has claimed previously that he used his gun to scare off a man he believes was Fields.

Dixon said he believes that was about 30 minutes to an hour before Fields slammed into the group with his car.

A normal guy who gets credibly threatened with a gun is going to be jacked up on adrenaline an hour later, especially if he also has someone hitting his car with a bat the moment before he crashes.

It would be insane for them to convict him after hearing this, but we’ll have to see what happens. While we wait to know whether or not James Fields will lose the rest of his life to these bogus charges, another, darker question weighs upon my mind:

Just How Fat Was Heather Heyer?

A careful examination of her newly-released autopsy (pdf) reveals a few interesting pieces of information.

1. Fatty Liver

Macrovesicular steatosis means fatty liver disease in this context. In Heather’s case, it means she was beginning to have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Liver disease was something we used to associate with alcoholics, but now the real driver of liver disease is fat, useless sluts who cannot stop eating. The French, being strange people, like to force-feed birds to make them obese, give them fatty liver disease, and eat their fatty livers. Birds will not willingly get that fat, because they have dignity – unlike Heather. She willfully subjected herself to what is otherwise considered cruel treatment of animals, and got the same result.

2. Enlarged Heart

Cardiomegaly, in normalspeak, means she had an enlarged heart.

This also happens to obese “people,” and it is a good predictor of having a heart attack and dying.

3. Rotting Womb

Hemorrhagic ovarian cysts up to 3cm means she was beginning to have polycystic ovaries.

This is the leading cause of female infertility. This is another thing which happens to obese women, because being obese messes up their hormones and that makes their sexual organs break. She also had leiomyoma, AKA uterine fibroids.

Her womb was diseased and most likely barren, and she would never have given life or happiness to anyone or done anything of value, had she not died.

4. Dude Weed Lmao

Heather was stoned when she died.

We can only assume that she lived perpetually stoned, because no one would plan on being stoned in a dangerous, confusing situation like an antifa protest, unless their plan was to just be always stoned no matter what.

This raises important questions for the defense, such as:

  1. Is cannabis use why she was so hungry all the time and could not stop eating?
  2. Is that why she never did anything worthwhile with her life?
  3. Is Liberalism, as a mental disorder, caused by reefer?

As James Fields is being accused of taking this woman’s life, it’s important for us to objectively assess the value of what, if anything, was lost.

Nothing of value was lost. – Luis

Original Article as follows.

This will have to be Dwayne Dixon they’re talking about here.

That was the Antifa terrorist that pointed a gun at James Fields right before the crash, then went around talking about it publicly afterward.

In a speech at Harvard:

And also on Facebook:

When someone went to confront him about this, he freaked out:

The court isn’t naming Dixon as the missing witness, but we can say with high probability that it is him, because it had already been confirmed he would be testifying, he didn’t testify yesterday, and the defense only has one witness left.

It is a pretty big deal to simply skip court when you’ve been subpoenaed to testify and are scheduled on the docket to do so, and it is not something a normal or sane person would do. You would have to be this kind of creepy freak.

I don’t actually even know what happens if this guy has fled the country or whatever.

It’s an extremely weird move, and makes the whole shitshow that is this monkey trial look that much worse.

Note that a Jew journalist is saying that it was another guy who was with Fields on the day of the thing.

It’s possible that is true, but I doubt it.

Although he probably would know more than me.

The reason an ally of Fields might skip is that apparently there was heavy witness intimidation from Antifa on the couple that testified yesterday, and the police are just allowing this to happen.

So that is also a possibility, and it’s possible that Dixon won’t testify at all. It was reported that he would, and there were no updates to that reporting, but maybe something happened and he was able to avoid it.

I guess we’ll know soon enough.


Regarding Heather Heyer’s weight: it turns out she was 330 pounds (150 kilograms) at 59 inches (150 centimeters) tall, which is just under 5 feet.

That is one seriously massive bitch.

She has been describe as an “absolute unit.”