Few Interested in Arizona State University’s “Problem of Whiteness” Anti-White Indoctrination Course

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
January 24, 2015


Since January 12th, Arizona State University (ASU) is now offering its students a class titled “U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness.

Lauren Clark, a student of journalism at ASU, reports that in the class students will be learning about subjects such as: “The Possessive Investment in Whiteness,” “Critical Race Theory,” and “Everyday Language of White Racism,

The class is not very popular with a reported 20 students enrolled.

I think it shows the significant double standard of higher education institutions,” said James Malone, an ASU student, “they would never allow a class talking about the problem of ‘blackness.’ And if they did, there would be an uproar about it. But you can certainly harass people for their apparent whiteness.

The class has received quite a few negative comments online; one commenter described them as “Little marxist indoctrination centers

This sort of tripe should not be supported by a single tax dollar” said another.

How about teaching a class about the ‘problem of liberal professors’?” another commenter quipped.

One commenter said they supported the class because it teaches “how racism works“, which implies that only Whites can be “racist”.

In any case, this class stands as an example of how anti-Whites like to spin their arguments. No matter what good deeds White people do we are always the oppressors, according to anti-Whites, and no matter what bad deeds non-Whites do, they are always the oppressed.

The solution to this “privilege problem” they say, is to make White people a minority – this is legally defined as genocide. But don’t worry, because there’s no “privilege problem” in non-White countries though that requires them to become a minority.

They say they’re anti-racist . . . but if they only target White people, then anti-racist means anti-White.

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