Fertility Expert Attacks Celebrities Who Sell Idea That Women Can Get Pregnant in Their 40s

Dr. Geeta Nargund, evil science woman from the wrong part of science.

We here at the Daily Stormer have typically been pretty negative on the Indian Question. However, the fact of life is that the kinds of Indians that come to the West often do have higher IQs and also are not especially interested in political correctness.

Several Indians have been really good on the coronavirus hoax. Now we’ve got an Indian coming out and machine-gunning sluts with red pills on fertility.

Daily Mail:

One of the UK’s top fertility experts has hit out at older celebrity mothers who ‘mislead’ women into thinking having a baby in their 40s is easy.

In March, BBC presenter Christine Lampard, 42, became the latest in a line of famous faces to give birth in their 40s, following the likes of Nicole Kidman, Madonna and Halle Berry. In 2016, singer Janet Jackson announced she was pregnant just a few weeks before her 50th birthday, and gave birth to a healthy boy in January 2017.

Christine Lampard was riding dirty for decades before she decided to settle down at the age of 42 and have a science experiment pregnancy. 

But Dr Geeta Nargund, consultant gynaecologist at London’s St George’s Hospital and a fertility pioneer, has urged women not to delay starting a family in order to avoid a raft of age-related complications.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday’s Medical Minefield podcast, she says: ‘A woman’s fertility rapidly declines from her mid-30s. It is important young women have this information so they can plan their families with their own eggs.

When celebrity mothers say they had a baby in their early 50s or late 40s, they need to spell out if, as is common in older women, they used a donor egg or frozen eggs. Without that, women think it is easy for them to have babies in their mid-40s, and that is not true.’

Dr Nargund’s comments come amid a social-media campaign to scrap ‘offensive’ pregnancy terms which are commonly used by doctors to describe a mother in her least fertile years, such as ‘geriatric mother’ and ‘advanced maternal age’. The initiative, started by the parenting social network Peanut, calls for an entirely new glossary – clinicians should, for example, use ‘reproductive struggles’ instead of saying infertile and refer to ‘family planning’ rather than a biological clock.

‘It is not the language that is important, but the facts,’ says Dr Nargund, who has seen ‘too many patients’ in their 40s forced to endure the emotional turmoil of fertility treatment.

The fact of reality is that the establishment doesn’t want white people breeding, so they lie to women about their ability to successfully get pregnant at an old age.

This thing with the media using celebrities to promote their agenda is widespread, of course. I have often spoken of the fact that the media presents men who are obviously on steroids and then says that they got in this shape in 3 months by eating lean chicken breast and working out 6 days a week.

I don’t support steroids and think they can make you into a gay faggot. There is some question as to whether Bruce Jenner was made into a complete faggot as a result of steroid use. But whether they’re good or bad or whatever – the media and the celebrities themselves should be upfront about the fact that you can’t look like that by working out for six months.

Some of these men have bodies that you could never get naturally, no matter what – such as Chris Evans (Captain America) and the guy who plays Thor (Thor).

Arms that size with that low of body weight – it’s just not physically possible, naturally.

What this does is make it so men go to the gym, and don’t start getting these insane results, and then they just give up.

The Question of Useful Indians

I have the same answer for the question of useful Indians as I have for the question of the useful people of every other race: generally, they should be in their own countries.

That said, I think if someone is an expert in some field and wants to work with a team in America or Britain, they should be able to apply for a special visa and come work. The same should be true of whites who want to go work in China or Japan or whatever. I don’t think we have to have 100% racial purity in the sense of people not being able to go around and work with each other.

The problem of immigration, primarily, is that we are flooded with people who offer nothing to our society. Recently, the Biden Administration has framed this immigration, in quite frank terms, as punitive.

This is how I define “white nationalism”: the white Christian identity should be at the core of America, and everyone who is here should respect that. There should not be “multiple cultures.” There should be one culture, which is based primarily on the Anglo-Saxon traditions of our Founders.

I also think there should be laws against interracial marriage.

But this doesn’t have to be some wild, extreme thing. There are some people, primarily Asians, who live in America or Britain and genuinely help to make our country a better place. But this is a small number of people, and the overwhelming majority of people who come here come for selfish reasons, and contribute literally nothing (unless you believe in Charlie Kirk’s idiotic theories about GDP somehow measuring quality of life).

When people call us haters, they’re just lying. The only thing we want is to be reasonable.