Feminists Outraged at Donald Trump’s Proposal of Restricting Tampon Sales

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 17, 2016

Mark Dice again, getting a bunch of women (and some men) to believe Donald Trump has proposed restricting the sale of tampons.

Basically, this same bit he does over and over again is just repeatedly proving democracy is retarded. His position has long been the libertarian point of view that everyone is a genius just waiting to happen if they “wake up” and actualize themselves, but the fact of the matter is that most human beings do not have the ability for self-actualization, which is why no philosopher ever would have believed universal suffrage democracy was a good idea.

They always bring up ancient Greek democracy, but this was only White male land-owners who were involved in the voting process. That was also the initial American concept of democracy. I am not sure most here would support that as the ideal system of government, but it is at least makes some form of rational sense that an individual who owns land has demonstrated enough basic proficiency at life to be capable of processing normal information.

Basically, biological determinism is a solid fact of life. Blaming the stupidity of the masses on modern social developments just ignores the reality that the masses were always stupid.

Even if these people were all just this stupid because of some relatively recent social ills, the only solution to that problem would be to ban democracy.

We are in a situation where it is possible that Hillary Clinton could be elected instead of Donald Trump. This is complete madness.