Feminists Invoking Demons, Walking like Midgets, Race-Fighting, Ninja Karate Moves

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2019

Feminist invoking demons and getting possessed by them in Argentina

Wait what?

In the aftermath of the 2019 International Women’s day, videos of feminists doing feminist stuff are popping up everywhere. Latin American feminists are especially vicious animals.

In another video from Argentina, feminists are singing “it’s going down it’s going down the patriarchy is going down!” while walking like midgets. After they finish their “song,” they perform a weird tribal war scream.

Another group of feminists did some ninja moves after literally screaming “we’re the granddaughters of the witches you failed to burn.”

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They also finish their ritual with the weird tribal war scream.

In another video, feminists can be seen marching while singing “we’re combative we’re the soldiers of Cristina” (Cristina Kirchner, ex-president of Argentina) with signs reading “Legalize Abortion Now!” all over the place.

In Chile, feminists fought a crowd-control truck.

They got pretty wet doing that.

But you know what’s funnier?

Brown feminists in Spain fought white feminists, calling them all kinds of names, “white bitch” included.

It’s always fun to watch diversity eat itself from the inside.