Feminists Ignoring Cologne Proves Feminism is an Anti-White Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2016

Leave it to a woman to ask a question that stupid. Obviously they aren't talking about it because it would be racist.
Leave it to a woman to ask a question that stupid. Obviously they aren’t talking about it because it would be racist.

You’d think feminists would have been ecstatic about the recent mass sexual assault in Cologne, where approximately 1000 men ambushed and groped women, raping at least two (yes, the number has increased from one to two) and permanently scaring at least one. The whole situation seems to prove their claims that there is a conspiracy of violence against them by men.

They have been talking about “rape culture” for years, but have yet to be able to prove it exists, or even define what it is. Then you see this event, and you are like “oh wow, this is that ‘rape culture’ they keep talking about, I guess they had a point all along.”

But there was an apparent problem: this wasn’t the rape culture they were talking about. All of these men are brown. Because these men are brown, feminists have remained completely silent on the issue.

This is a deafening silence.

The story of the Cologne mass-rape has been dominating the news headlines for days.

This morning on WaPo.
Top stories this morning on WaPo. As far as I can tell, they have yet to publish an op-ed on the topic.

Generally, the liberal media will write hundreds of op-eds on any mainstream news story, giving their own spin. The Guardian alone will publish approximately five op-eds a day about any major story. But with this Cologne thing, everyone is all zipped-up.

The few feminists who are writing about it are doing it in relatively small publications.

Writing for the British liberal outlet Prospect, a Ms. Jessica Abrahams, who covers “Human Rights and Feminism” wrote:

Feminists are necessarily concerned with the protection of minorities and marginalised groups. If some of them are finding it difficult to speak up about the event because of concerns it might be used to encourage aggression against refugees, I can’t say I blame them. The fault lies not with the feminists but with those making them nervous to speak–the very same people, often, who are expressing outrage that they aren’t.

It is usually the task of feminists to make enough noise about incidents of sexual assault that they can no longer be ignored; the Cologne attack was big enough that it received a huge amount of attention across Europe and further afield.

So, there you have it. They are refusing to talk about what is absolutely the biggest sexual assault mob in Europe since the last time Moslems invaded us because the perpetrators are Moslems and it could hurt a “marginalized group.”

A few feminists are protesting against the attacks, such as this crazy bitch who stood naked with a sign yesterday, but they are protesting “men” without mentioning the obviously racial nature of these attacks.

Feminist Current, another relatively small site, simply blamed "men" for the attacks and said they should all be locked in their houses.
Feminist Current, another relatively small site, simply blamed “men” for the attacks and said they should all be locked in their houses.

Most of the actual protesters appear to be normal women. Many of them may actually be addressing the race issue, though that isn’t clear. And anyway, they’d be worried about getting arrested.

Normal female protesters.
Normal female protesters.

What is to be Concluded from This?

The only logical conclusion here, as noted by Roosh V yesterday, is that feminism itself is a hoax, designed to attack White males.

Clearly, these (mostly Jewish) “political activists” don’t actually care about protecting women from violence, or race would – at the very least – be irrelevant to them.

It is the same thing with the refusal of feminists in America to address the Black rape and femicide epidemic. Instead of addressing this real life threat to women, they simply babble on and on about “rape culture,” which is the feminist equivalent of the anti-racist’s “microaggressions” and “White privilege” – it cannot ever be solved or addressed as no one can even define what it is. It is a boogeyman, forever held over the heads of White men that these women wish to shame.

Just as “fighting racism” has nothing to do with helping Blacks, “fighting sexism” has nothing to do with helping women. These are Jewish scams designed for a single purpose: to attack and tear down White men.