Feminist Nintendo Employee Alison Rapp is the New Voice of Child-Sex Crusaders

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2016


Alison Rapp: Feminist, gamer and child sex advocate.

Liberalism is strange. It seems like it should be difficult for anyone to say “well, we’re not having sex with kids now – but maybe we should start?” But within liberal ideology, any proposed change which is presented in terms of the demonization of historical norms can gain traction.

As such, Nintendo employee Alison Rapp’s crusade to legalize child pornography and child sex comes across as the next logical step in the liberal march toward… toward wherever these women and Jews think it’s marching toward.


Despite lax standards for sexual morality, pedophilia is still regarded as monstrously predatory for reasons which should be apparent. Radical feminist Alison Rapp has a very unique perspective on the issue. She argues not only for the legalization of child pornography, but also for more lax consent laws between children and adults.

According to her LinkedIn profile and as stated on her twitter, Ms. Rapp is a “Product Marketing Specialist at Nintendo of America” specializing in “Public Relations and Communications” and is responsible for the marketing of several games for the company. She has been extremely vocal on cultural criticism of manga and gaming which she examines through an “academic” lense. While injecting progressive views in analysis of gaming and comic book culture has been a high point of controversy, more troubling is her attitude towards children and sexuality.

She’s a Sarkeesian-type critic of the patriarchal norms.

It makes sense that feminists would endorse child-sex, because after all, not doing that is a rule invented by White men.

At the Japan Studies Association Conference in Honolulu in 2012, Ms. Rapp presented Speech We Hate:…Anti-Child Pornography Laws; a thesis which outlined objections towards laws enacting against child pornography. Her piece can be boiled down to three points; that the consequences of consuming media containing child pornography are exaggerated, that child pornography constitutes free speech, and that Japan’s laws are a byproduct of cultural imperialism from the West. What her arguments do not address is the rewarding of child rape necessitated in making such media, and in fact suggest child adult relations are only a matter of cultural norms.

She also regularly posts pro-child sex material on Twitter.

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This is what happens when you allow women to control your society. You cannot simply say “we’ll give them jobs, tell them they’re grown-ups, treat them like grown-ups and all the sudden they’ll start acting like grown-ups.”


Instead of acting like grown-ups, they will get tattoos, invent conspiracies about a patriarchy oppressing them, then start advocating for sex with kids.

All of this is an attempt to get men to discipline them, to put them back in their natural role as nurturers and mothers.

They will just keep destroying everything, in a frantic effort to try and get you to discipline them.

The West has decided not to discipline them, but to instead take their hysterical demands seriously. Beta cuck men are going to engage this woman as if she has presented a serious argument – “oh, well, maybe we need to look into these foreign cultures, maybe it’s time we started having sex with kids.”

And, of course, the perverts and the Jews are right there cheering her on.

Maybe when a more serious movement for the legalization of child sex gets rolling – and believe me, it’s coming – it will then be time to examine the impact of Jews and feminism on our society.