Feminist Mayor of Cologne Again Blames Police for Haji Ficki Ficki Rampage

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 5, 2016


Henriette Reker won’t let anyone get in the way of her ficki ficki agenda – not even God.

Six months after the haji ficki ficki rampage in Cologne, the filthy whore mayor of the city has again come out and blamed someone other than Moslems for the behavior of Moslems, blaming people other than herself for the cover-up and failure to address the problem.

The police.

She’s blaming the police again.


Cologne mayor Henriette Reker brushed off blame on Monday over a series of sexual assaults that occurred in the western German city on the night of New Year’s Eve. City managers and the chief of police who planned security for the evening did not keep her up to date on the developing situation, she said.

Speaking to an investigative panel at the state of North Rhine-Westphalia’s parliament in Düsseldorf, Reker also blamed state Minister President Hannelore Kraft and Interior Minister Ralf Jäger for failing to inform her of the situation. Reker, who had been in office since December 15, said she only realized the gravity of what had happened when Chancellor Angela Merkel personally called her on the fifth of January to ask what her next steps would be.

Well, I knew about it before January 5.

Can you imagine if it had been a man in charge, and he was now trying to blame other people for covering-up mass sex attacks?

Along with the fact that women are incompetent government officials, they also cannot be questioned. This is yet another reason to do away with feminism and bring back the patriarchy.

The incident saw hundreds of women register a total of 1,200 complaints of theft, molestation, and harassment as they waded through a crowd of more than 1,000 men in Cologne’s busy square between the main train station and the city’s famous cathedral.

The ensuing doubts about the preparedness of the police forced police chief Wolfgang Albers into early retirement, and raised tense questions across the country on everything from the readiness of German police in emergency situations to the integration of migrants, as many of the suspected attackers were asylum seekers.

Reker stopped short, however, of directly blaming Albers. She told the committee that he had called her shortly after women began coming forward to the police to give her the numbers as they stood, but he had not alluded to just how high the amount of complaints could rise.

“I had no reason, in those initial days, to suspect that Mr. Albers was not providing all the available information,” she said.

Blaming subordinates – in this case, male – for leadership – in this case, female – failure.

This is what happens when you allow women to rule over you.

And who was it that got hurt in these attacks?

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It wasn’t men getting groped and gang-raped, was it?

When you allow women to rule over society, women suffer. That is the fact.

As I have explained: male feminists hate women.

Male feminists are cowardly, evil faggots who wish to skirt their responsibilities as men by handing over those responsibilities to women. They are little bitches who never grew up and thus want mommy figures to take care of their problems.


Exactly this.

Patriarchists want to protect women.