Feminist Jew Novel Warns Against Breeding with Blacks!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2015

While White people can be (almost literally) crucified for merely complaining about Whites dating and breeding with Blacks, the Jews are publishing novels about it and writing positive reviews of those novels which compare Jew women having sex with Blacks to ISIS terrorism.

The book, “Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate” is about a Jew man who gets involved with a Black woman and the Rabbi steps in and stops them from breeding, saying he is Holocausting the Jew race.

And here is the picture featured on the Haaretz review of the book:

Jew woman, Black male - even though the book is about the opposite.
Jew woman, Black male – even though the book is about the opposite.

And the headline to the Haaretz review?

Now that is bold.
Now that is bold.

And get this – the book is written by Jewish feminist Letty Cottin Pogrebin and published by “Feminist Press”!

It’s just almost too much!

Here is Feminist Press’ description of the book:

Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate is the story of Zach Levy, the left-leaning son of Holocaust survivors who promises his mother on her deathbed that he will marry within the tribe and raise Jewish children. When he falls for Cleo Scott, an African American activist grappling with her own inherited trauma, he must reconcile his old vow to the family he loves with the present realty of the woman who may be his soul mate. A New York love story complicated by the legacies and modern tensions of Jewish-American and African-American history, Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate explores what happens when the heart runs counter to politics, history, and the compelling weight of tradition.

The thing here is, I am not bothered by Jews wanting Jews to breed with other Jews. In fact, I would prefer that happen then for them to breed with Whites.

What I am bothered by is this insane double-standard, where Jews are allowed to use their entire controlled media apparatus to continually encourage Whites (particularly White women) to have sex and reproduce with non-Whites, but at the same time are allowed to do the opposite in their own community.

In Jewistan, racial intermarriage isn’t even legal.

Explain this, Jews.
Explain this, Jews.

It is the same thing with nationalism: Jews are allowed to refer to Blacks as “infiltrators” in Israel, round them up, lock them in concentration camps and deport them. And that’s fine, it’s their right and I understand why they do it. But then they come to Europe and America and argue for the opposite thing, call anyone who wants to do what they do evil “White supremacists.”

It’s insane that we are expected to accept this double standard based on the idiot lie that millions of Jews were turned into lampshades by Adolf Hitler. Even if that had happened, why would it give them an eternal right to do things which they themselves proclaim are evil?

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