Feminist Author Says Little Kids Need Nude Art Classes to be More “Relaxed” About Their Bodies

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2020

Apparently, we have to show genitals to kids and force them to draw those genitals in order to make kids more comfortable around genitals, and we need kids to be comfortable around genitals because of undisclosed reasons.

Daily Mail:

A feminist author has claimed that children seeing naked bodies from a young age can make them feel more ‘relaxed’ about the human body in the long run.

Flo Perry and Mariella Frostrup appeared on Good Morning Britain today where they debated whether or not children’s art classes should include life drawing, in order to make them more comfortable with the human form.

The first question to ask here is what makes these feminists think that kids are stressed or somehow not relaxed about the human form.

The second question to ask here is why should kids be comfortable with the bodies of naked strangers in the first place.

Flo Perry

Flo Perry actually uses the above picture on her website.

Flo, from London, believes it could be a ‘mind-opening experience’ while Mariella, 57, Somerset, said that while something needs to be done to address negative body ideals, she doesn’t feel this is the ‘most productive way’ to go about it.

Viewers weren’t keen on the idea, with one saying most young children would ‘laugh their heads off’ at the sight of a naked body, while others were angry at the idea, with one branding it dangerous’.

Flo argued: ‘Naked strangers is this big word. Nobody is gonna be like, “Put my kid in form of naked strangers”.

‘We have to examine our own reaction to that and think “Why do we have that reaction?”.

Yes, she does look Jewish.

She also acts and talks like a Jew.

But maybe she’s just a very good goy.

‘The disgust thing, is it because nudity is so sexialised in our culture? And actually if we’re exposed to it in a different form, will it make us more relaxed about nudity and our own bodies and make us feel less self conscious?

‘You say that you see different people walking down the street, why do you need body image and life drawing? But it’s nice to see a body glorified in art that isn’t a model.’

Viewers didn’t agree with Flo, with one saying that although she is an artist, she still believes children will ‘sneer and giggle’ at naked bodies at a young age.

Flo continued, when questioned about concerned parents: ‘But maybe they wouldn’t because they wouldn’t think of it and it would be a new mind opening experience.’

Mariella weighed in: ‘At primary school age, it potentially isn’t necessarily the most productive way to get them to think about body image.

‘There are all kinds of ways we can approach it and I think talking is probably one of the key ones.’

Yes, a much more productive way would be to skip nude drawing class and jump straight into pornography.

That would make kids much more “relaxed” about human genitals.

However some fans of the show were more open to the idea, with one saying that kids are ‘far more robust’  than we give them credit for.

Another said that although she wouldn’t have a problem with it – she isn’t sure her 6-year-old would take it seriously.

‘I just dont get it. what is the problem. kids are far more robust than they are given credit for. ‘, said one.

‘I’m all for it, however, I just asked my 6 year old son and he said what about stranger danger. Which he is right. He also said he didn’t want to draw a winkie’, commented a second.

When in doubt about serious life-altering decisions, ask some 6-year-old about it.

That’s how adults roll in 2020.