Feminist Author Claims Women Should Tell Men Their Real Number of Sexual Partners and “Own Their Sexual Power”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2019

Women hide their sexual “power” level for a reason.

Daily Mail:

A feminist author has sent a copy of her book to the Love Island cast because she wants them to own their ‘sexual power’ and be less ashamed of how many partners they’ve had.

Flo Perry, from London, is the author of ‘How To Have Feminist Sex‘ which attempts to show women how to ‘have the sex they want’.

How to have feminist sex: first, turn your hair feminist.

Then dress like a weirdo. The glasses are optional. Then be a deranged slut.

There. If you follow those three simple steps, you’ll be having feminist sex in no time.

She admitted today on Lorraine that she thought this year’s Islanders would benefit from reading a copy.

The writer explained that although she’s a huge fan of the reality show, it frustrated her to see contestants so concerned about their number of sexual partners, and wanted them to ‘relax’ about their number of previous exploits.

She said: ‘I’m a fan of Love Island, and even though I am a big fan, they do a lot of stuff that makes me wish they were enjoying themselves more.

I wish they could relax about it and they weren’t so worried about the number of the people they’d slept with. I just want them to know that it’s okay and they’re gorgeous, and they should just enjoy their new-found fame and sexual power.’

Imagine being a woman and believing that if lots of men use you for sex, you gain “sexual power.”

She went on to urge her readers that sex isn’t ‘something to be ashamed of’ and insisted she wants to open up communication on the issue.

Flo said: ‘I’d like everyone to know that sex isn’t something to be ashamed of.






I totally agree with the slut here. Women should tell the truth about the number of men they had sex with so men that believe women can make more informed decisions about the use of their time and resources, and make better emotional investments.

But as nice as that would be, even if it happens, men shouldn’t believe women anyways. They’re all sluts, even the 15-year-old ones.

‘I think its good to be more relaxed to talk about it and opening those channels of communication is really important for having the sex that you want to have.’

The author wants her book to make sex ‘fun‘ and remind everyone that relationships are a ‘source of joy’ and not always ‘trauma’.

“What do you do for fun?”