FEMEN Whores Painted Up with Jew Stars

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2013

A-ha! We see you.
A-ha! We see you.

The sluts of the communist terrorist group Femen, which is ostensibly a ‘feminist’ organization, founded and directed by a man, empowering women by stripping them naked, recently appeared in Kiev wearing Jew stars.

The wearing of the “Star of David” is unsurprising, as the group is wholly funded by Jews, for the purpose of further destabilizing the European social order. The American-born media boss Jed Sunden, who is “a friend and supporter of the Jewish community of Krivoy Rog,” appears to be a key figure behind the scenes.

Many Russians also believe that the media mogul and President of the Ukranian Jewish Parliament, Vice-President of the European Jewish Union, Vadim Rabinovich, is also funding these sluts.

The group first became famous by dressing up like whores to claim that “Ukraine is not a brothel,” a combined statement and action which confused the entire world.

Ukraine is Not a Brothel
The full slogan, which made much more sense, was “Ukraine is not a brothel – please buy us plane tickets to Thailand so we can find work”; I guess they didn’t have enough room on their signs.