Femen Says George Soros Won’t Fund Them Anymore Because They’re Opening a Branch in Israel

Daily Stormer
July 6, 2014

Wait.  What?
Wait. What?

On June 25, Femen apparently posted to Facebook from their “FEMEN International” account that they needed more donations because their backer, George Soros, disapproved of them opening a branch of their terrorist group in Israel.

The post, which features a grossly fat Jew-looking girl topless with a gay flag on one breast and an Israeli flag on the other, reads:

Dear followers, we are in a deep shit!
Mister Soros found out that soon we are launching FEMEN Israel and stopped his investment in FEMEN.
Please, donate! You can be our new Soros

This is not the usual FEMEN Facebook page, which is just called “FEMEN,” rather than “FEMEN International, but it appears to be genuine, and no one is on there claiming it is a troll page.

What it appears is that FEMEN is mocking those who have accused them of being a Jewish operation financed by George Soros for the purpose of destabilizing European society.

There has yet been no proof presented – that I am aware of – that FEMEN is indeed funded by Soros.  There is amble proof though that while they attack Christianity and Islam relentlessly, they do not attack Judaism, which is much more “patriarchal” and abusive of women than Christianity, and maybe even more so than Islam, at least in its Orthodox form.

They have also been repeatedly photographed with Stars of David painted on themselves, which can only be a nod to the Jews that they are in fact fulfilling their Jew agenda.

    Jew stars on FEMEN sluts
Jew stars on FEMEN sluts

It is a big sign of the influence we are having on the narrative that FEMEN is forced to make a joke about their being a Jew-operation.  They must be getting questioned about it, and they must be reading the Daily Stormer and other sites which are pushing this fact into the light.

Anyway, I don’t think we are going to be seeing them opening a branch in Israel any time soon.  They may rage on against the church, and tell Muslim girls to take their tops off in protest of whatever it is that is supposed to be protesting, but the Jews are out of bounds.