FEMEN Comes to Greece Specifically to Fight Golden Dawn

XA Ameriki
January 5, 2015

Femen have announced that they are going to Greece to fight against Golden Dawn.

An announcement of readiness has been made by Femen, timed to coincide with the collapse of the Samaras government, for a project in Greece. The “activism” of these “women” is not targeted at bringing attention to the grave poverty and injustice millions are suffering in Greece, the target is of course: Golden Dawn.

The puppets of globalization and neo-liberalism have expressed that their campaign is geared at provoking the People’s Association. Statements by an “activist” have said that “Greece belongs to the list of countries considered strategically important, due to the rise of the extreme right in these territories”.

They will come and bring their moronic side-show. The only recruits they will find are the anarchist junkies in Exarchia, who will at worst upset the stomachs of Greeks.

It’s worth noting that major figures in the Greek capitalist/mainstream media originally put out the invitation to Femen to help them fight Golden Dawn.  The alleged “anti-fascist” and “anti-racist” movement is nothing more than a protective mechanism for the thieves at the top.