Female-Written Clickbait is a Blight on Clickbait Culture

Gottfried Sturmherr
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2018

Well, I’ve found another example of why women should not be allowed on the internet. Or even taught how to read and write, for that matter.

Wandering the tubes, I saw this clickbait headline without seeing the name of the publication or the author’s byline:

The thumbnail was a picture of Tyrion [SPOILER: he is the most popular character, duh]. Just to make sure it’s actually him I clicked the article to have a look.

Indulging in a little clickbait never hurt anyone eh? As long as you’re not addicted, there’s no harm in it, eh?

Despite the fact that it is produced by Jews, there are a lot of cool things about Game of Thrones, although there is a lot of degeneracy and feminism in there, and the plot has certainly devolved since the series passed the the point that the books had plotted out. The acting is generally well done, the character development is extremely good and enjoyable and the sets, costumes and cinematography are fantastic.

Furthermore – and this is probably the first time I’ve ever said this – the CGI is totally watchable.

But I did not expect to read about any of that, I was just interested in the results and maybe the metrics of the poll.

It turns out that this was Irish feminist clickbait, placed strategically beside normal clickbait.

For what was about to happen to my precious eyes, I could not have been prepared.


Is anyone else totally obsessed with Game of Thrones? Welcome to our club,

Anyway, if you’re a fan, you probably also have a favourite character.

So you establish that the person is a GoT geek. Good. Why the “if you’re a fan” in the next sentence? The article is aiming at fans and you just established you are talking to a fan with your first sentence.

Of course everyone who watches a series has a favorite character, what a dumb thing to say.

And no, we’re not talking about the person you FANCY most (Jon Snow, heya), we’re talking about your all round fave person from the show.

Who is “we”?

We personally adore Brienne of Tarth, because she is a hardcore feminist QUEEN.


One may use “we” as author like that when one aims to include the reader. The way it is used here is like reading the works of a schizophrenic psychopath. And Brienne is not a QUEEN. She doesn’t even want to be a lady. I thought you cared about this show?

Reality and facts are not your strong suit. Apparently it’s more about a manufactured reality instead.

However, the most popular character from game of Thrones has just been revealed…

*Drumroll please*

Tyrion Lannister took the top spot as the most loved character in the show, and we are HERE FOR IT!

In second place was Jon Snow, which he deserves for his magnificent hair alone.

And in third place was Ayra Starlk, the small but mighty warrior of the North.

What is your designation again?

Editor. Aha. Well, beauty editor.

However, we’re wondering how our opinions will change after the final season.

The next season of Game of Thrones will be the last one,  and we’re not emotionally ready.

You just referred to the final season, the sentence before. Who are you talking to? Literally retarded people that do not know that final = the last one? Scratch that – this website is named “Her” so yes, she is talking to actual retarded people.

Technically, they aren’t even people (nb4 yes I mean women aren’t people, not the Irish).

This whole “women spaces” and “feminism” thing has to be stopped.

If I wasn’t a hardened anti-ZOG warrior, scarred by enduring decades of POZ, I might have gouged my eyes out reading this pile of garbage.

Any half decent boy can write more captivating stories at age 7.

The internet should be a place for men and teenage lads. Not babbling women. And if we’re going to allow women to be on the internet, they need to be isolated from the male population that so that no man risks clicking on something like this when they are innocently succumbing to entertainment media clickbait.

Because it may be a while before this issue is cleared up, I am officially starting a “Victims of Female-Written Clickbait” support group to help other men deal with these types of experiences and the personal anguish that can last for years after having been exposed to such material.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this article.