“Female Soldier” Accuses Drill Instructor of Sexual Abuse

The Harvey Weinstein case made it so there is now a standard wherein women do not need to offer any proof at all to accuse a man of sexual abuse.

You’re now going to see a wave of these cases going through the military.

TIME Magazine:

The U.S. Army has suspended several drill instructors after they allegedly sexually assaulted a female soldier going through training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

On Friday, the Intercept reported that the trainee alleged she was assaulted by a total of 22 service members. The military would not confirm how many soldiers are involved in the allegation but did say the incident is under investigation by agents with the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command.

“At this early juncture and to protect the integrity of the investigation we cannot specify the number of suspects,” Army spokeswoman Colonel Cathy Wilkinson said in a statement. “We are committed to thoroughly investigating every allegation, which will require time to sort through all of the allegations and evidence.”

Major General Ken Kamper, commander of Fort Sill, told reporters on Thursday that the instructors were pulled from their assignments and precluded from interacting with trainees. “What’s important is we’ve taken immediate action with any cadre member that has been named and possibly involved in this allegation,” he said.

The woman has been provided counseling, legal assistance and medical services. Her name hasn’t been released and will remain protected throughout the process. “I personally met with this soldier,” Kamper said. “We’re proud of the courage she displayed coming forward with these allegations.”

Army investigators conducted initial interviews on March 27, the same day the trainee reported the assault, then carried out follow-up interviews two days later and have interviewed Army personnel every day since.

In the military, sexual relationships between trainees and drill instructors aren’t considered consensual because instructors control nearly every aspect of a trainee’s life as they transition from the civilian to military world. There has been several scandals in recent years where drill sergeants or drill instructors have been found to have sexually assaulted service members in training.

The incidents are part of a larger scourge that’s become an entrenched reality for female service members in the U.S. military. Despite years of initiatives aimed at combating rape and sexual assault within the ranks, the Pentagon publishes increases in incidents every year. According to the most recent Defense Department reports, sexual assaults have risen steadily since 2006, including a 13% jump in 2018 and a 3% increase in 2019.

A drill instructor is supposed to yell at the people they are training, and it is going to be very easy for a woman to misinterpret this as sexual abuse.

We’ve already seen a virtually endless series of cases where a woman misunderstands being told what to do by a superior in the work place as sexual abuse. Many of the various accusations against Governor Andrew Cuomo amounted to “he was mean to me.”

Now that there is no requirement of any form of evidence, basically every female soldier is going to accuse her drill instructor of this. These things happen in waves – when women see another woman accusing some man of something, they say “oh yeah, that happened to me too.”

This will probably make it impossible to have male drill instructors over female recruits, which will mean that you will have a situation where women are exclusively responsible for training female recruits.

Then, those women will be sent out to fight in wars, alongside male soldiers.

Diversity is our greatest strength, and this is how we’re going to beat Russia.

It’s how we’re going to beat China.

Of course, that is a joke.

The actual theory is that the US has such vastly superior military technology, that the quality of the soldiers themselves is totally irrelevant.

That is literally the official position of the US government: “our military is so technologically advanced that we can replace all of the armed forces with women, trannies and colored people, none of whom meet basic standards, and it will have no effect at all on our ability to perform war.”

It seems like a very bold position to take, but we’re probably all going to see how it works out for them.