Female Silverback Throws Beer Mug and Hits White Bystander

Joe jones
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2017

Blacks cannot aim guns or beer mugs.

WMC Action News:

Joey Facello was caught in the crossfire after someone complained about loud children at El Toro Loco.

He was trying to enjoy a friend’s birthday party at El Toro Loco last Friday when the incident happened.

“That’s when I stood up to go to the bathroom and the next thing I know, blood’s everywhere,” Facello said.

Witnesses said someone threw a beer mug that hit him in the head during an argument.

However, he wasn’t the intended target.

Witnesses said a man sitting at a different table approached a woman nearby and told her that she or her child were being too loud.

“What you did was uncalled for and I’m suffering for it and I didn’t even say anything to you,” Facello said.

He’s been home from work for the past few days and said it’s tough since he’s the breadwinner in his family.

“I don’t get paid for being off,” Facello said. “I’m an electrician.”

The GoFundMe set up so far has raised almost $400, but he needs more to pay for the mounting hospital bills.

“I’m very thankful,” Facello said. “I appreciate anything anybody has said or done.”

For now, he’s trying to recover and take it easy.

If a black woman didn’t throw that beer mug it would have been a White British man.