Female Middle School Teacher Fired Over Topless Selfie Asks What’s Wrong With Her Body

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 3, 2019

Lauren Miranda, 25

Women never really get the gist of anything.


A 25-year-old middle school teacher claims she was fired from her job after a topless selfie she sent to a boyfriend ended up in the hands of a student. Now she wants “to fight back,” filing a $3 million discrimination lawsuit.

After four years of teaching math at Bellport Middle School in Long Island, Lauren Miranda found herself on administrative leave in January before being fired this Wednesday. The school’s superintendent allegedly told Miranda she couldn’t put her in front of a classroom with a bunch of boys who could easily take out their phones and see her naked.

Miranda says she has no idea how a student ended up with the picture considering it was taken in 2016. While she didn’t consent to it being brought for show and tell, she also believes that there is nothing actually wrong with the picture itself.

What is wrong with my image?” she said at a press conference on Monday. “It’s my breasts. It’s my chest. It’s my body. It’s something that should be celebrated.” How the students’ parents feel about that is likely another matter.

The school’s superintendent told her she couldn’t put her in front of a classroom if students can easily take their phones and see her naked, yet she asks what’s wrong with her body.

Shockingly, nothing appears to be particularly wrong with her body, save her posture (which is all women now so isn’t even worth mentioning).

Most American women have hit the wall hard by 25.

But no one ever said there was anything wrong with her body. It isn’t about her body. It’s about kids being able to see their teacher’s tits whenever they please, which obviously harms the authority of the teacher and is overall bad pedagogy.

She wasn’t fired for having bad tits or whatever (that would have been funnier), but still she focuses on her body without understanding the situation.

I mean, she literally said that her body is “something that should be celebrated.”

She could very well be doing all of this for more attention.

On top of the school administration lacking appreciation for the female form, she also argued that a comparable photo of a male faculty member would not have drawn the same reaction, and would certainly not cost him his job. Meanwhile, she feels her “career has been ruined,” and her “reputation has been tarnished” because of a selfie taken years ago.

Yes, men don’t have breastfeeding boobs. Students are not likely to get aroused seeing a man’s chest. Male teachers are not likely to be ashamed if their students see their chest. Students are not likely to laugh at a male teacher after seeing a male teacher’s chest.

It’s just common sense, really. There’s nothing complex here. She wasn’t fired for being a woman or whatever, and her taking a topless selfie isn’t even that terrible in this day and age, the problem here was that the students got a hold of the selfie.

The real problem though… the problem behind this problem and behind many other problems, is that women are put in positions of authority over young boys. Female teachers are a mistake.

Female teachers train little boys to obey women, and you know the result of men obeying women.

“Mommy Stockholm syndrome” continues into adulthood due to single motherhood and the female education system.

It’s psychologically damaging to a child to be subjected to the artificial authority of some front-hole, forced to sit around all those hours listening to these vipers and being punished for displaying normal and healthy male behavior.

Young boys are not meant to sit still listening and obeying dumb women.

Schools are destroying the souls of these boys.

No wonder some of them end up thinking they’re “transgender” – they’ve been forced to behave like faggots for years.