Female Idaho School Shooter was Disarmed, Hugged and Consoled by Teacher Until Police Came

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Women can’t even shoot up a school properly without ending up crying and in need of emotional support.

A woman’s number one skill is destroying things, but they struggle to accomplish that if it requires any tiny amount of precision.


When a student opened fire at an Idaho middle school, teacher Krista Gneiting directed children to safety, rushed to help a wounded victim and then calmly disarmed the sixth-grade shooter, hugging and consoling the girl until police arrived.

Parents credited the math teacher’s display of compassion with saving lives. While two students and the school custodian were shot May 6, all three survived, and the gunfire was over within minutes. Gneiting’s family says bravery and empathy are just part of who she is.

Was it the math teacher’s compassion that saved lives?

Or the shooter’s incompetence?

In an interview with ABC News that aired Wednesday, Gneiting said she was preparing her Rigby Middle School students for their final exams when she heard the first gunshot down the hall. She looked outside her classroom and saw the custodian lying on the floor. She heard two more shots as she closed the door.

“So I just told my students, ‘We are going to leave, we’re going to run to the high school, you’re going to run hard, you’re not going to look back and now is the time to get up and go,’” Gneiting said in the interview shown on “ Good Morning America.”

Police said a sixth-grade girl brought the handgun in her backpack and shot two people inside the school and one outside. All three were wounded in their limbs and released from the hospital within a few days.

Gneiting said she was trying to help one of the students who had been shot when she saw the girl holding the gun. She told the wounded student to stay still and approached the sixth-grader.

“It was a little girl, and my brain couldn’t quite grasp that,” she said. “I just knew when I saw that gun, I had to get the gun.”

She asked the girl, “Are you the shooter?” and then walked closer, putting her hand on the child’s arm and sliding it down to the gun.

“I just slowly pulled the gun out of her hand, and she allowed me to. She didn’t give it to me, but she didn’t fight,” Gneiting said. “And then after I got the gun, I just pulled her into a hug because I thought, this little girl has a mom somewhere that doesn’t realize she’s having a breakdown and she’s hurting people.”

Gneiting held the girl, consoling her until police arrived.

“After a while, the girl started talking to me, and I could tell she was very unhappy,” Gneiting said. “I just kept hugging her and loving her and trying to let her know that we’re going to get through this together. I do believe that my being there helped her because she calmed down.”

Once police got there, Gneiting told the girl that an officer would need to put her in handcuffs, and the child complied.

“She didn’t respond, she just let him. He was very gentle and very kind, and he just went ahead and took her and put her in the police car,” she said.

The girl has been charged in the shooting, but because juvenile court proceedings are kept sealed in Idaho, neither her name nor the nature of the charges has been released.

It is clearly brave of the teacher. We shouldn’t discount that.

But imagine if this had been a boy shooter.

The police officer was very gentle and very kind – because the shooter was a woman. Women are always victims, even when they’re the perpetrator.

There is virtually no chance the girl will face any serious consequences for that at all.

We talk about feminism as “empowering women,” but the reality is, women now hold less responsibility for their behavior than they did when they allegedly didn’t have any rights.

If you just look at the Harvey Weinstein case: at no time in history would a woman who had sex with a man for professional favors be considered a “victim.” She would have been considered a prostitute at best, and depending on the circumstances, possibly also a criminal. But because of the removal of female responsibility that goes along with the feminist agenda, she became a “rape victim” because she regretted her life choices.

That should let anyone see that this entire feminist agenda is totally just about harming men. If it was actually about “equality,” women’s new rights would come with new responsibilities. But the feminist machine pushes at least as hard for removing responsibilities that women always had throughout history as it does for giving them new rights.

It’s surprising that more girls don’t shoot up schools and commit other egregious criminal acts given this “other side of the coin” of feminism.