Feeding Hand=Bit: Jew Killed in San Bernardino Haji Storm

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2015

Nick Thalasinos and wife
Nick Thalasinos and wife

Among the 14 killed in Haji Storm San Bernardino was a Jew.

As the reader is aware, the entire program of bringing Moslems into White countries has been fully organized by Jews. Jewish organizations are at the forefront of pushing for Syrian and Iraqi refugees to be brought into America as they (allegedly) bomb both sides of the war.

OC Register:


Back in the New Jersey, where he spent the 1990s working as a health inspector, they were worried Wednesday about Nick Thalasinos.

“We were talking about it, saying, ‘I hope Nick was OK,’ not knowing,” said Ed Beck, whose wife, Barb, used to work with Thalasinos when they were both inspectors for the Cape May County Health Department.

“But it’s always one of those deals, you know how big San Bernardino is,” Beck told philly.com. “He’s probably OK.”

Beck learned otherwise late Wednesday. He said he’d communicated with Thalasinos on Sunday, and described him as “a wonderful friend.”

Other old friends, back in New Jersey, back that up.

“He was an average Joe working guy,” said Gerald Thornton, a Cape May County official who knew Thalasinos in the 1990s.

“He really cared for his family, spoke highly of his kids,” Thornton added.

“I was somewhat shocked.”

Yes, it is always completely shocking when Moslems kill people.

Even when it is literally happening every hour – which it eventually will be – it will be shocking every single time.

It is shocking because Islam is a religion of peace.

Jennifer Thalasinos said her husband also was a devout Messianic Jew who worked closely with the Muslim man believed to be responsible for his murder.

If Nick Thalasinos felt friction at work, she said, she would’ve heard about it at home.

“My husband was very outspoken about ISIS and all of these radicalized Muslims,” she said.

And if he thought somebody in his office posed a threat?

“He would’ve said something.”

Jennifer Thalasinos called her husband quirky, a man who would kiss a woman’s hand when introduced. And when he’d go to his job for the county, he’d sometimes wear a button-down shirt with red suspenders.

“He wanted to give off the impression as the gentleman inspector.”

Well, he won’t be giving off any impressions anymore.

So stupid, these Jews. When the Hajis take over, they are going to slaughter most of these people.

They might even build gas chambers, since they, like everyone else, have had this idea seeded in their brains for the last 70 years, and are stupid enough to believe it is a logical way to exterminate millions of people.

I don’t know though, they might be too humorless for gas chambers. They will probably just shoot them.

Here are some of the other people who died.

In progressive America, even slaughters are diverse.
In progressive America, even slaughters are diverse.