Feeding Frenzy: Every Small Business Will Close, All of That Wealth Will be Transferred to the Hostile Elite Minority

The high cost of low prices is more than just the millions of lives destroyed when Amazon crushed all small businesses across the country.

After Jeff Bezos has totally crushed your economy, and the culture that was built around it, he will also rip you off.

CBC News:

An American consumer advocacy group is accusing Amazon of price gouging on items such as soap, face masks and toilet paper in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, even as the e-commerce giant claimed to be cracking down on third-party sellers on its platform who were doing the same thing.

A report by Washington-based Public Citizen claims that Amazon hiked prices on many essential items in March and April, adding mark-ups of up to 1,000 per cent on some basic items.

“Amazon has fundamentally misled the public, law enforcement and policymakers about price increases during the pandemic,” said Alex Harman, the consumer policy advocate for the group which says it lobbies lawmakers for legislative changes to protect consumers.

Here are some of the examples they cited:

  • A pack of 50 disposable face masks increased by 1,000 per cent.
  • Dial liquid antibacterial hand soap increased by 470 per cent.
  • A pack of 100 disposable hand gloves increased by 336 per cent.
  • A pack of eight 1,000-sheet toilet paper rolls increased by 528 per cent.
  • A pack of eight Brawny paper towels increased by 303 per cent.
  • A five-pound bag of unbleached flour increased by 425 per cent.

Amazon has attempted to blame all of this on third-party retailers, but the report shows that items sold directly by Amazon were involved just as badly as third parties. Furthermore, third parties are heavily, heavily, heavily regulated by Amazon. Most damningly, Amazon charges sellers a percentage of the total sale price of items – and they always know the sale price, because they process all transactions themselves.

So even if it had just been third parties, they were directly profiting off the abuse, and there is no way they didn’t know it was happening.

But it wasn’t just third parties.

The CBC interviewed a retail expert about the scandal, and he said that trust is important to Amazon’s business model.

Doug Stephens, founder and CEO of The Retail Prophet, says the secret weapon in Amazon’s growth as a retailer is the trust that consumers have in its prices and reliability.

“You felt pretty confident that you weren’t going to be gouged, so something like this is really damaging,” Stephens said in an interview. Coming on the heels of other revelations about labour violations and health concerns in warehouses, and a Competition Bureau probe into whether Amazon gives preferential treatment to its own products, Stephens says the company may have hurt itself a little in this pandemic, despite their booming sales.

“It takes a long time to build trust but it takes a little time to lose it,” he said.

Like most things printed in the media these days, what this man is saying is the exact opposite of reality. Amazon is now a monopoly company. What remaining competition they had has been destroyed by the government-forced lockdowns.

As your family business was crushed by these decrees from the government, Amazon’s profits exploded. Bezos nearly doubled his own personal fortune.

Of course, the government’s decrees for you to agree to collapse the economy and hand over all of the wealth of the middle class to Bezos and other billionaires couldn’t have been done without the backing of the media, which promoted hysterical fear of a virus that by February we already knew was nothing more than a mild flu virus. The media aggressively endorsed lunatic measures that made no sense in terms of public health even if it were a deadly virus, and would only make sense if your goal was to destroy the middle class.

Media, like, for example, the Washington Post.

The Post was and is one of the single most aggressive promoters of the lockdown, leading other media outlets to embrace their hysterical message.

This is a standard headline from the Washington Post:

The original headline, still cached on Google, said “or millions of deaths.”

The JavaScript-infused article below that headline features an interactive graph which claims that millions of people will die if the lockdown is lifted.

This is just the absolute epitome of fake news, literally made up. The only conceivable purpose for it would be to cause a panic as a way to continue the lockdown. I can’t think of any other reason they would print such blatantly absurd disinformation.

At time of writing, the top article on the Post is a piece from the Editorial Board claiming that Trump has not done enough to lock the country down, and blames him personally for the alleged 190,000 American deaths from the virus (a totally fabricated number).

The Board claims that Donald Trump lied to the public because he wanted to prevent an economic crisis:

His explanation that he hoped to avoid “panic” may reflect Mr. Trump’s fear that the truth would sink the economy and his own political fortunes. It is a sad reality that Mr. Trump often cannot see beyond his own needs. His response to the pandemic has been more like that of a circus barker rather than that of a president devoted to stewardship of the nation.

The economic “sink” they are talking about, of course, is the complete annihilation of the middle class, their wealth being forfeited to Jeff Bezos.

As you may be aware, Jeff Bezos is the owner of the Washington Post.

That is in fact the very same Jeff Bezos who made $87 billion on the systematic evisceration of the American middle class.

What we have going on in this country right now is like a satire of absolute corruption. The US government is colluding with the richest people on earth to loot the fortunes of normal people, so as to create a total new world order wherein all that exists is the ultra-rich and a mass of impoverished peasants.

The corporations and the government not only control the entire media, but also have a lockdown on the modern networks of communication. They are thereby preventing the public from sharing information about what is being done to them, as the masses are distracted with this virus nonsense and some vague, convoluted gibberish about a police conspiracy to exterminate black people.

The “conservative” media is hailing this process of the US government forcing the people at gunpoint (literally – cops will point guns at you if you try to go to work) to hand over everything they’ve worked for, everything that their fathers and grandfathers worked for, as “the free market” and “capitalism.”

The clip of Sean Hannity attacking Tucker Carlson for questioning this process that the government is involved in with Bezos will go down in history as defining this era, when the masses of people were convinced that destroying everything they love is actually good and something they should support because the people taking everything from them are so morally good that they are above reproach.

It’s not just Bezos, of course. The entire elite is profiting from the wealth that is being squeezed out of normal people.

He’s winning biggest and he’s winning first, but we had a pretty great country, where a lot of people built a lot of wealth, and all of that is going from us to the eternal “them.”

Just wait until the housing market collapses and the banks and nebulous international conglomerates come in to sweep up all of the houses that you, your family and everyone you know is forced out of.

This is a feeding frenzy.

Lizards from hell.

If you’re reading this, you are a very lucky man. Very few people understand what I just explained. Most people think this is all a result of a virus, and the government is just doing their best to manage it, and they’ll do their best to fix the economy.

Not only normies think this. The entirety of what used to be called the Alt-Right promotes this narrative. Very, very few people understand the scope of what is happening. You have the ability to act based on this information, and you need to be a man and do it. There is no way that you will ever regret whatever you do now to prepare yourself for where this is going.

That’s what you need to focus on, if this gets heavy for you: you need to focus on the fact that you have the ability to act, and that this makes you very lucky. You should be thankful to God for that. After you finishing thanking God, start acting.