Feeble UFC Retracts Decision to Lifetime Ban Jew Reporter After Tribal Backlash

Boxdog Hadoken
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2016

ariel helwani

(((Ariel Helwani))), mixed martial arts journalist

Just when I thought the UFC was going to start gassing all kikes.

Note: Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is owned and managed by Aryans: The Fertitta Brothers and Dana White.

The UFC has recently come under attack by the mainstream media after they banned longtime UFC journalist Ariel Helwani after he couldn’t keep his big mouth shut about a secret planned announcement for the comeback of the Great Aryan Super Saiyon, Brock Lesnar.

Joe Rogan:

From what I understand, what [the UFC] told [Helwani] was ‘don’t do this. There’s only a handful of people that know this information [about Brock’s comeback].  So we’re going to fire a bunch of people and you’re going to ruin a bunch of people’s lives’… After that conversation, [Helwani] leaked the Brock Lesnar stuff.

Of course Helwani had a different take on the events that led to him getting booted.

USA Today:

“I was hearing rumblings about Brock Lesnar,” said Helwani, who grew emotional several times during the show. “And I finally got it confirmed by multiple sources.”

Helwani was in the media room at UFC 199 when he broke the story, and he said after he reported the Lesnar news, just before the main event, a UFC public relations staffer asked him to come meet with Dana White. Helwani says he deferred, both because he wanted to watch the main event and because he suspected it would be an unpleasant conversation.

“A couple minutes later, a higher ranking PR person came to me and said: ‘You must go to the back.’

“I said, I’m not going to the back unless my colleague [videographer E. Casey Laydon] can come with me. …After some back and forth, he agreed to let Casey come back with me.”

LOL. This Jew is scared of going to the the shower rooms alone so he drags innocent goys with him so they can all get gassed together. What a Jew.

Helwani said he walked to a hallway outside the media room and met with White and several of his colleagues, where White informed him he was out, for being “too negative.”

Too negative? How anti-Semetic! It’s not like Jews try to create controversy and conflict out of nothing. Also, we must never forget. We must never blame the Jew for anything because they are forever victims of the sixty-trillion™ on every level.

If you want to hear Helwani’s MMA Hour: Ep. 333 podcast where he’s literally crying like a bitch because the UFC banned his kike-ass, here is the link. Beware, it is a lolfest.

It wasn’t surprising that the mainstream media quickly took a hold of the story and what ensued was heavy backlash against the UFC by multiple mainstream media outlets for the promotions decision to ban Helwani.

SB Nation:

Matt Connolly over at Forbes wrote up his reaction to the piece quoting ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, who cautioned via Twitter, “And if you create a system where the only people who are allowed to cover a sport are people who do/say exactly what the league wants them to, then you don’t have a media who can question things when they go off the rails. And as we’ve seen…they do sometimes.”

The LA Times’ Lance Pugmire used Helwani’s ejection to call for a writers’ association: “Part of the problem is most major sports – including boxing – have formal writers’ associations that allow reporters to gather to discuss policies or protest treatment such as Helwani’s in collective strength. The efforts to unite MMA writers in such an association have failed to this point.”

Mike Florio of NBC Sports offered his thoughts, comparing and contrasting the UFC’s actions to those of the NFL: “The move is weak and petty and juvenile and shameful — although there’s a chance that UFC president and carnival barker Dana White (pictured) did it simply for the publicity. Regardless of motive, the UFC deserves to be criticized, and criticized loudly, for attempting in such clumsy fashion to shape and control the coverage of the sport.”

Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch puzzled over the decision in his Media Circus column, linking it back to Fox Sports dropping Helwani: “Imagine if ESPN parted ways with Adam Schefter without an explanation. Or Yahoo Sports did the same with Adrian Wojnarowski. As I wrote then: If Helwani was dropped by Fox for not being enough of a PR man for a Fox Sports partner, Fox should simply come out and say it. UFC playing games with reporters didn’t surprise me. Fox Sports caving did.”

Apparently, the bad press was too much for the UFC to handle so they got out of the oven and lifted the ban on Helwani less than 24 hours after it was instated.

That’s got to be the quickest Jewry I’ve ever seen—like some sort of Jew record. This Jew is going places—hopefully back to Israel or the oven. But more likely, he will be the first of many Jews that will eventually infiltrate the UFC’s top ranks turning it into the JEW-FC. That means we will get to see true diversity and multiculturalism in action in the octagon. Get ready for Trannys vs. Dykes.

Oh wait, someone’s already done that.

But isn’t it the journalist job to report the news? Well, I suspect there are exceptions to every rule. Spoiling a surprise is one thing. Spoiling a surprise that cost millions of dollars to set up is… well… you get my point.

Joe Rogan:

This is not a freedom of speech thing. This is not a freedom of the press thing…. It’s not like [Ariel] uncovered some inside shit like Watergate… It doesn’t help anybody to release it early except for Ariel.

If you’re an Ariel Helwani fan, you should be jumping up and down for two reasons: 1) You should be happy that he got banned because then it makes him like a martyr and happy that he got reinstated because now he’s a hero.

You can bet this Helwani guy is making his tribe very proud. He managed to spoil the goy’s big surprise for his own shekels. Not only that, his persecution at the hands of the evil  UFC Nazis got almost as much media coverage as the big surprise itself.

Goddamn Jew.

It is interesting to note that UFC also banned (((sherdog))) from covering their live events, but this was way back then when the mainstream media didn’t give a crap about the UFC. Recently however, the UFC has gained more recognition among the mainstream media and has gotten closer to legitimizing themselves as a viable product for the masses. Therefore, they are now in plain sight of the Jews.  Unfortunately for the UFC, nobody ever told them that letting one Jew into your organization is like letting in the whole tribe.  If Helwani was never part of the UFC, they would have never had to deal with his Jewry or the media backlash that against them following their actions against Helwani.

It’s too late to warn the UFC about letting kikes into their organization. If they can’t defeat a bottom feeding kike like Ariel Helwani, their organization will soon be overrun by kikes through and through.

Our only option to combat these kikes is to do what we do best. I don’t always troll, but when I do, I prefer trolling bagel-eating kikes. Feel free to visit newly minted martyr/hero Mr. Helwani’s twitter and let him know what you think of his Jewry.