Feds Refuse to Account for $660 Billion Allegedly Given Out as Coronavirus Loans

I think we all grasp very well the fact that the print media – especially WaPo and NYT – literally cannot report a single topic without explaining why the orange man is so bad. I’m sure even people who dislike Donald Trump have become exhausted by this, as it is such a baby-tier narrative.

However, the flip side of this is that the psychosis of the media – Trump Derangement Syndrome, they call it – causes them to report on real issues of corruption in the federal government that have absolutely nothing at all to do with Trump that really expose the beast for what it is.

Such as a refusal to report on 2/3rds of a trillion dollars that has just disappeared. This would barely be mentioned if Obama was in office, if it was mentioned at all, but with the chance to blame it on the orange man, it’s front page news.

I’ll bet if you actually did the math, it would end up being exactly $666 billion. That’s probably what it says on the paperwork.

Can you imagine disappearing this much money and then simply stating with a straight face that you’re not going to account for it?

Who are these people?

Washington Post:

Federal officials responsible for spending $660 billion in taxpayer-backed small-business assistance said Wednesday that they will not disclose amounts or recipients of subsidized loans, backtracking on an earlier commitment to release individual loan data.

The Small Business Administration has previously released detailed loan information dating back to 1991 for the federal 7(a) program, a long-standing small-business loan program on which the larger Paycheck Protection Program is based.

The SBA initially intended to publish similar information for the new coronavirus loans: an SBA spokesman told The Washington Post in an April 16 email that the agency “intend(s) to post individual loan data in accordance with the information presently on the SBA.gov website after the loan process has been completed,” and it made a similar commitment in response to an April 17 open records request.

But the administration appeared to change course at a Wednesday hearing before the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza declined to discuss specific borrowers.

As it relates to the names and amounts of specific PPP loans, we believe that that’s proprietary information, and in many cases for sole proprietors and small businesses, it is confidential information,” Mnuchin said in the hearing. “The reason why we’re not disclosing the names and amounts, unlike in the 7(a) program, is because of that issue.”

Oh, right – Steven Mnuchin.

I wish there was a bitcoin betting website where you could bet on the odds of Jews being responsible for any particular event. Because I would go there every day and bet my entire life savings on whatever was happening. And I would always win. Because there is a Jew that is behind literally everything.

The fact that we actually have a society where people literally believe that Jews are just the same as Christians and just have a slightly different religion is truly a fantastic thing. It demonstrates, fully, what I’ve said: the masses of people cannot process information using logic, and rely entirely on emotional readings of reality and even more so on the perceived popular opinion of the masses. The “perceived” in that sentence is extremely important, because electronic media is capable of presenting something as the opinion of the masses, and thus the correct opinion, even if no one believes it at the time they’re presenting it. Then, of course, as soon as it is presented, the masses believe it is the popular opinion, and then it becomes the popular opinion, immediately. In this way, the media literally manufactures reality. The only thing that they have to do is split it between “conservative” and “liberal,” and it works in excess of 99% of the time.

Jews are the masters of the media and they are the masters of emotional manipulation.

So the Jews determine what reality is, and thus they are, in our reality, somehow the single most wealthy and powerful group of people on earth, while also being the most oppressed, while also not being responsible for anything that happens.

If you read into the explanations that the intelligent and ideological left uses for Jews controlling everything, it just turns into a circus of confusion. Because remember – there are people who can actually think on the left as well. There are many fewer, but they are there.

Basically, they say, “Jews are good at capitalism, but also they’re good at communism, so it equals out.”

Then they plaster over that with this idea that everyone’s behavior is a result of “the system,” and everyone would behave better if “the system” did not exist, so no one should ever think about individual actors, or collectives of actors, until “the system” is destroyed.

You know, by hoping the cops don’t decide to arrest you after you take over downtown Seattle. Or you know, shut your power off…

Because the only way you are going to destroy “the system,” according to Antifa, is by getting permission from the system to do so.

That’s a hole bigger than their refusal to address the Jews – that a bunch of greasy drug addicts are actually so intelligent that they’ve tricked “the system” into handing over control to them.

But when people get desperate in this collapsed economy, and their minds are already clouded by drugs, this is going to start making sense to more and more people. This Antifa thing is definitely here to stay.